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Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Case breaks

My half case o'Finest 06-07 Basketball will be here tomorrow. I just ordered a case of 2007 UD Artifacts Football and tomorrow I am ordering a case of 07-08 UD SPX Basketball. I am looking at getting a scanner so I can put some of these cards up. Most of them will be available on ebay.

Sunday, September 28, 2008

Show some respect

Many people talk a big game but check out Robert McNally. I'm not trying to make light of the situation, my point is that some people fold under pressure and Mr. McNally is not one of those people. You have a 64 year old man, awoke by scream from his daughters room, who rushes in and kills the bastard that was trying to assault his her. Not with a weapon, this was a man v. slime ball fight. If there were more people like Mr. McNally, the world would be a better place. Read the story:


Saturday, September 27, 2008

Icons 2 Box Break

You know I considered doing these as a video break and now wish that I would have. A bit of a back story on these boxes. I was trolling on ebay last week when I happened upon a 2 box lot of 2008 Upper Deck Icons. Opening bid was 99 and a BIN for 109 with free shipping. First I checked to see if these were retail, hobby, or god forbid a blaster. The pic showed Hobby and the description said 2 jersey and 1 auto per box. So I hit the BIN and shuffled the 109 by paypal over to the seller.

Today I received and immediately opened them. I like this issue and have so since I paid way too much for 4 packs at the local shop. First packs I had bought from a shop in a long time.

First pack was an Auto Movie letter redemption of Kurt Russell. Not too shabby as I think these are kind of cool because they are auto'd

Third pack was a redemption for the non auto'd version of the Kurt Russell letter.

Nothing too exciting about the next couple of packs, but in the seventh pack I noticed a Raiders logo where the rookie is. So I was hoping for McFadden, of course. When I got one card a way, I realized the card was a die cut. It turned out to be a McFadden Die cut, but not a normal one:


No this is not my actual card, I lifted it from ebay. This guy has an auction for the one numbered 11/25.

That's right its an auto 17/25. I don't care what Gelman says. HIT! This is my first big card I have gotten from a pack. Pretty nice card too. Anyway, I am pretty psyched about it and this puppy is going into my collection. It may be smart to sell it now because it could be a $5 card in 2-5 years, but I am a collector and I like it. I ended up getting two one more jersey out of the first box.

The second box didn't have any redemptions in it but it had 2 auto rookies, a Webb Eubank Letter, and one more jersey card.

Over all I am very happy with the boxes. I realize the mcfadden isnt a pull of a lifetime or whatever and no I am not going to have it graded.

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Breaking 2 Finest Bugaloo

So yesterday I bought 6 boxes of 06-07 Finest basketball boxes. I'll let you know what i come up with. In addition, I bought 2 2008 UD Icons football boxes last friday. Those should be interesting. The Icons were 109 for both, the 6 boxes of Finest were 232 shipped.

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Really? A quarter......well plus shipping

Seriously, 25 cents, a quarter. Some things I will never understand. Anyway, picked this up for .25 plus too much shipping 3.25.


It's Charlie freakin Hough man!! Ugh! Well, its worth more than a quarter to me. Of course I don't sell cards.

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Not So Great Moments in Topps Airbrushing

Check out this card. It is super. You have an all time great, in a Dodger's Uniform with the "Dodgers" airbrushed out. The great thing is that they left the blue line underneath where Dodgers should be. Good lord Topps, couldn't you find a decent head shot so you can do that voo doo that you do so well on his hat. This card is just a shame. Not even a "now with Angels" text or something. There are just some cards that aren't collectable. This one is so bad that it inadvertantly became a classic.


The man who wasn't there.

I bought this card some time ago because I couldn't stop laughing. This has to be the worst choice of photo for a card ever, except for maybe some of the 1981 Donruss cards, where the photo was fine but the lighting was all screwed up.

Contrast the 73 Garvey with the 74. The 74, in my opinion, is one of the best cards ever.

Without further junk:


and the sweet 74


Monday, September 15, 2008

Busting a case

Any suggestions for a case, under 600 to bust? I know I said I don't bust wax, but, I can change my mind. I am looking for something with 8 or more boxes. I am really considering a case of Football Heroes when the drop to that.

You guessed it, more ebaying

First off Ron Cey. How can you not like this guy? He has one of the best nicknames of all time Penguin, has two of the most sought after RC's ever 72 topps High Number and 73 topps with Mike Schmidt, and was just fun to watch.


Next up is George Foster. Much like Jim Rice, you did not want to face this guy. Didn't he hit 50 one year?


I know these are numbered to 100, but they don't come up on The Bay very often. These are the Gridiron Badges Pro Bowl Jerseys.


Next is a Saturday Stars John David Booty. I just like these cards. Plus since very few of these will ever pan out in the pros, we can see them in the glory days.


Again, a card series I like. I remember when you could send away and get these. You had to include so many UPC's and a few dollars. They had these in 93 and 94 and I think Jimmy Dean had the Football version in 95. Nice little COA they sent with them.


Then we have a Jimmy Piersall auto. Sure they are sticker autos, but from a collector's standpoint, you cant beat these. The important thing to remember is that for the first 10 years I collected, an autograph or card of these old timers were impossible to get. Topps, Upper Deck, and Donruss have done a fine job on most of these cards.


Pedro Guererro

Yes Pedro Guererro is/was my favorite player. Let us not forget that Pedro was the Co-World Series MVP when I was 5. Pedro was a feared hitter. He once held the record for most homeruns in the month of June until it was broken by Sammy "Say It Ain't" Sosa. Anyway, Pedro was a 5 time All Star a career .300 hitter. He had a damn fine career and played during that dead ball era in the early 80's. Anybody that claims there was no dead ball era, I have a retort. The Dodgers were at home on an afternoon. It was the bottom of the 9th and Guererro hit a fast ball to dead center. He hit that ball as solid as he could but alas only to the warning track.

FYI: When I was a kid I named our jet black Wiener Dog, you guessed it, Pedro.

Sunday, September 14, 2008

"The" Ohio State University

Ah yes. Hopefully ohio state people do not confuse disdain for respect. I hold a special place in my sould for the dislike of a few college football programs. ohio state, Florida State, and Nebraska. Below is the comment section thus far over at Achiever Card Blog in regard to the post lamenting this guy's feelings about The most overrated football program being blown out by USC.

stusigpi said...
Does this mean you guys will stop referring to yourselves as "The" Ohio State University. I'm sure you know by now that everyone just rolls their eyes when they hear that and not in a jealousy sort of way.

September 14, 2008 2:34 PM

Motherscratcher said...
Yes, absolutely. Because we lost a game to the USC Trojans we've collectively decided to stop using "The". Until you brought it up we were completely unaware that other people think it's dumb. Really, thank you, we had no idea.

Next time try to come up with something even more original like: "You guys in the big ten can't count. Don't you know there are 11 teams?" That stuff is comedy gold.

September 14, 2008 2:53 PM

stusigpi said...
Ah, the Dick Cheney defense. Calling me unoriginal because you have this undeserved sense of superiority.

How about this? I stay unoriginal, Ohio State continues to be irrelevant? I suppose you don't have to worry about being blown out in the title game this year. See, things are looking up.

September 14, 2008 5:14 PM

Saturday, September 13, 2008

I buy too much stuff on ebay

The title says it all. Not having kids is nice I suppose. Doesn't hurt that the wife makes good money too.

The first card is an Andre Dawson auto with Brad Wilkerson. The card was 7.50. That's equal to buying 4 or so packs of cards. I was a huge fan even when he was with the 'spos. When he went to the Cubs my fandom became huger that's right huger.


The card below was 5 bucks with shipping. Vinatieri killed my Rams in the superbowl, but the concept of the card is really cool.


The last two cards are Bowman Sterling Gold Refractor Autos. How much is this crap a pack? That's what I thought.

Chris Henry

and some Stuckey guy

7 bucks for both with shipping.

Friday, September 12, 2008

Recent Ebay pickups

I know, I said below that I dont bust wax, but the Finest box was 34 bucks plus shipping and its a master box. The 52 rookies was 46 plus shipping. I bid seriously not expecting to win. The clutch city is a kobe by the way.






Saturday, September 6, 2008

Ebay pickups

Some of my ebay stuff that I picked up recently:

I have wondered whether this Colon patch is fake or not. It seems to be a lot of patch on a non numbered card. It turns out that is is more sticker than patch.

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Packs O'Stuff

I went to the card shop today to buy some top loaders and my curiosity got the best of me. I decided to buy some packs and see what was up. My first four packs were of the 2008 Topps Chrome Football variety. At way too much per pack. The best card I got was a Hasselbeck Orange Refractor /425.

Then I moved on to some 2008 Upper Deck Heroes Football. The first pack had a Manningham and a McFadden. The second pack had one of these:


That is a Joyner Kersee Redemption /25. My first real redemption.

Then came two packs of Upper Deck Icons Football, I got nothing, So I sucked it up and bought two more. The guy let me pick two from a brand new box. The first pack netted me a:


Then I opened Six packs of Goudy, nothing. Three Packs of A & G, nothing.

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Does anyone have a stash of these?

Midsummer covers. I had a chance at an ebay lot of these a few months ago but did not know what they were. So if anyone has any of these let me know. By the way, I would rather buy than trade:


My dream card, when I was 12.

I lived in a town with just a couple of card shops. When I was 12 or so, I started thinking about cards from players before 1983 (when I started collecting). There was just no where to get them. My dream card:



For the last few years I haven't been much of a trader. I read a lot of blogs and these guys are trading fools. It seems, however, that they can't live without a card one day and are trading it away the next. I just don't get it. Here are some of todays ebay pickups:

Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket

Those are the Topps Chrome Pro Bowl Patches. They dont come up on Ebay too often. That odd Dontrell Willis is a /60 or /75. I collect both these sets so if you want to trade...

I am Joe Collector

I have been reading sports card blogs for a few days and am, in a lot of ways, amazed. Unfortunately that is both good and bad. Some blogs like Wax Heaven and Sports Cards Uncensored are great in many ways. Gellman of Uncensored has some weird aversion to graded cards and even went so far as to bust open a case. Frankly, that is just stupid. I mean, what the hell? Why would anyone do that? What difference does it make whether its in a grading case, top loader, or plastic sheets?

See post: http://www.sportscardsuncensored.com/2008/08/cracking-case.html

and some weirdo that apparently has a tutorial of how to do this:

See post: http://tribecards.blogspot.com/2008/05/setting-cards-free.html

Regardless I think I can add another perspective. A little about me.

I began collecting with a pack of 1983 Topps. I was able to pull a Gwynn rookie, no Boggs, not Sandberg. I love the Cubs and have suffered through many crappy seasons.

I actually bought two packs of 1984 Donruss from the Local Market. I got a Gwynn and a Sandberg. Its the only two packs I bought. The first set I ever bought was a 1985 Topps set from Howard's sportscards. I ordered it through the mail from a listing in Baseball Cards Magazine. I did get a McGwire out a pack.

I had the opportunity to buy an 84 Fleer Update set for 12 bucks and passed. I did buy an 86 Topps Traded however. I encountered an 86 Fleer Basketball Case at Newberry's in Medford, OR and didn't buy any for two reasons: 1. They were Fleer and I only bought Topps cards 2. They were Basketball and I only collected Baseball.

I used to walk to the store with my dad when I was a kid and bought more 87 Topps than I would like to admit. I did sneak in a bunch of 87 Fleer and 87 Donruss when they had them. I swore I would stop buying cards when packs became .50 a pack.

I used to mow my granparent's lawn, collect my 5 bucks, and immediately ride my bike to buy as many packs of 89 Bowman as I could. I once walked into my local card shop, bought 1 pack of 89 Upper Deck and got a Griffey. I promptly traded that Griffey one year later for 8 packs of 1990 Upper Deck. I bought 1 pack of 90-91 Upper Deck Hockey High Number and got a Bure. I started selling at card shows in 89 and stopped in 92 I was 13 and 16. I found and bought a 1990 Leaf Series 1 box for a buck a pack.

I believed Stadium Club was the best thing ever. I hate glossy, foil stamped, UV coated cards. I spent every dime I had on them. I quit collecting in 94 and started again in 1999. I hate the 200 sets a year that companies put out. I love jersey cards, refractors, and autos. I hate 1/1's, non-sports related cards in sports wax, especially hair cards WTF?

I dont bust wax because in 1990 I bought a box of 90 UD high number for $60 to get the Nolan Ryan error card. I didnt get one. I could have bought one for $20. I bought 10 boxes of 2003 topps football and got 1 jersey and 1 auto. Just not worth it.

I hate people in the hobby just for the money. I love AL Bundy. I saw Kirk Gibson hit that Home Run. I am a Dodgers fan too. I'll never forget him coming out of that dug out. I jumped out of my chair and cheered when Phil Mickelson hit that putt to win his first Major. Tiger Woods is just better....than all of us. I hate Barry Bonds for what he did. He is a loser and a horrible human being. Conseco has redeemed himself. I want everyone to succeed. I wish someone would give Mike Tyson a real hug and tell him he was the greatest and he did good. I wish that Sosa was clean. My favorite player was Pedro Guerrero. I check Randy Johnson's, Frank Thomas', and Kurt Warner's box score.

Kurt Warner is the greatest story of all time. Jeremy Shockey is a great player to have on your team. Babe Ruth is the greatest player of all time. Hank Aaron is the home run king. Ted Williams, Wade Boggs, Tony Gwynn, and Ty Cobb are the greatest pure hitters of all time. Pete Rose belongs in the Hall of Fame. Ricky was the most dangerous hitter of all time. I am surprised nobody cut his tires to keep him from the game.

I like graded cards. 9's and 10's are for suckers. Junk autos and jerseys have got to go. I want a copy of every card ever made. Pack searchers suck.

I am Joe Collector