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Tuesday, September 2, 2008

I am Joe Collector

I have been reading sports card blogs for a few days and am, in a lot of ways, amazed. Unfortunately that is both good and bad. Some blogs like Wax Heaven and Sports Cards Uncensored are great in many ways. Gellman of Uncensored has some weird aversion to graded cards and even went so far as to bust open a case. Frankly, that is just stupid. I mean, what the hell? Why would anyone do that? What difference does it make whether its in a grading case, top loader, or plastic sheets?

See post: http://www.sportscardsuncensored.com/2008/08/cracking-case.html

and some weirdo that apparently has a tutorial of how to do this:

See post: http://tribecards.blogspot.com/2008/05/setting-cards-free.html

Regardless I think I can add another perspective. A little about me.

I began collecting with a pack of 1983 Topps. I was able to pull a Gwynn rookie, no Boggs, not Sandberg. I love the Cubs and have suffered through many crappy seasons.

I actually bought two packs of 1984 Donruss from the Local Market. I got a Gwynn and a Sandberg. Its the only two packs I bought. The first set I ever bought was a 1985 Topps set from Howard's sportscards. I ordered it through the mail from a listing in Baseball Cards Magazine. I did get a McGwire out a pack.

I had the opportunity to buy an 84 Fleer Update set for 12 bucks and passed. I did buy an 86 Topps Traded however. I encountered an 86 Fleer Basketball Case at Newberry's in Medford, OR and didn't buy any for two reasons: 1. They were Fleer and I only bought Topps cards 2. They were Basketball and I only collected Baseball.

I used to walk to the store with my dad when I was a kid and bought more 87 Topps than I would like to admit. I did sneak in a bunch of 87 Fleer and 87 Donruss when they had them. I swore I would stop buying cards when packs became .50 a pack.

I used to mow my granparent's lawn, collect my 5 bucks, and immediately ride my bike to buy as many packs of 89 Bowman as I could. I once walked into my local card shop, bought 1 pack of 89 Upper Deck and got a Griffey. I promptly traded that Griffey one year later for 8 packs of 1990 Upper Deck. I bought 1 pack of 90-91 Upper Deck Hockey High Number and got a Bure. I started selling at card shows in 89 and stopped in 92 I was 13 and 16. I found and bought a 1990 Leaf Series 1 box for a buck a pack.

I believed Stadium Club was the best thing ever. I hate glossy, foil stamped, UV coated cards. I spent every dime I had on them. I quit collecting in 94 and started again in 1999. I hate the 200 sets a year that companies put out. I love jersey cards, refractors, and autos. I hate 1/1's, non-sports related cards in sports wax, especially hair cards WTF?

I dont bust wax because in 1990 I bought a box of 90 UD high number for $60 to get the Nolan Ryan error card. I didnt get one. I could have bought one for $20. I bought 10 boxes of 2003 topps football and got 1 jersey and 1 auto. Just not worth it.

I hate people in the hobby just for the money. I love AL Bundy. I saw Kirk Gibson hit that Home Run. I am a Dodgers fan too. I'll never forget him coming out of that dug out. I jumped out of my chair and cheered when Phil Mickelson hit that putt to win his first Major. Tiger Woods is just better....than all of us. I hate Barry Bonds for what he did. He is a loser and a horrible human being. Conseco has redeemed himself. I want everyone to succeed. I wish someone would give Mike Tyson a real hug and tell him he was the greatest and he did good. I wish that Sosa was clean. My favorite player was Pedro Guerrero. I check Randy Johnson's, Frank Thomas', and Kurt Warner's box score.

Kurt Warner is the greatest story of all time. Jeremy Shockey is a great player to have on your team. Babe Ruth is the greatest player of all time. Hank Aaron is the home run king. Ted Williams, Wade Boggs, Tony Gwynn, and Ty Cobb are the greatest pure hitters of all time. Pete Rose belongs in the Hall of Fame. Ricky was the most dangerous hitter of all time. I am surprised nobody cut his tires to keep him from the game.

I like graded cards. 9's and 10's are for suckers. Junk autos and jerseys have got to go. I want a copy of every card ever made. Pack searchers suck.

I am Joe Collector

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