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Saturday, September 13, 2008

I buy too much stuff on ebay

The title says it all. Not having kids is nice I suppose. Doesn't hurt that the wife makes good money too.

The first card is an Andre Dawson auto with Brad Wilkerson. The card was 7.50. That's equal to buying 4 or so packs of cards. I was a huge fan even when he was with the 'spos. When he went to the Cubs my fandom became huger that's right huger.


The card below was 5 bucks with shipping. Vinatieri killed my Rams in the superbowl, but the concept of the card is really cool.


The last two cards are Bowman Sterling Gold Refractor Autos. How much is this crap a pack? That's what I thought.

Chris Henry

and some Stuckey guy

7 bucks for both with shipping.

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