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Saturday, September 27, 2008

Icons 2 Box Break

You know I considered doing these as a video break and now wish that I would have. A bit of a back story on these boxes. I was trolling on ebay last week when I happened upon a 2 box lot of 2008 Upper Deck Icons. Opening bid was 99 and a BIN for 109 with free shipping. First I checked to see if these were retail, hobby, or god forbid a blaster. The pic showed Hobby and the description said 2 jersey and 1 auto per box. So I hit the BIN and shuffled the 109 by paypal over to the seller.

Today I received and immediately opened them. I like this issue and have so since I paid way too much for 4 packs at the local shop. First packs I had bought from a shop in a long time.

First pack was an Auto Movie letter redemption of Kurt Russell. Not too shabby as I think these are kind of cool because they are auto'd

Third pack was a redemption for the non auto'd version of the Kurt Russell letter.

Nothing too exciting about the next couple of packs, but in the seventh pack I noticed a Raiders logo where the rookie is. So I was hoping for McFadden, of course. When I got one card a way, I realized the card was a die cut. It turned out to be a McFadden Die cut, but not a normal one:


No this is not my actual card, I lifted it from ebay. This guy has an auction for the one numbered 11/25.

That's right its an auto 17/25. I don't care what Gelman says. HIT! This is my first big card I have gotten from a pack. Pretty nice card too. Anyway, I am pretty psyched about it and this puppy is going into my collection. It may be smart to sell it now because it could be a $5 card in 2-5 years, but I am a collector and I like it. I ended up getting two one more jersey out of the first box.

The second box didn't have any redemptions in it but it had 2 auto rookies, a Webb Eubank Letter, and one more jersey card.

Over all I am very happy with the boxes. I realize the mcfadden isnt a pull of a lifetime or whatever and no I am not going to have it graded.

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