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Monday, September 15, 2008

Pedro Guererro

Yes Pedro Guererro is/was my favorite player. Let us not forget that Pedro was the Co-World Series MVP when I was 5. Pedro was a feared hitter. He once held the record for most homeruns in the month of June until it was broken by Sammy "Say It Ain't" Sosa. Anyway, Pedro was a 5 time All Star a career .300 hitter. He had a damn fine career and played during that dead ball era in the early 80's. Anybody that claims there was no dead ball era, I have a retort. The Dodgers were at home on an afternoon. It was the bottom of the 9th and Guererro hit a fast ball to dead center. He hit that ball as solid as he could but alas only to the warning track.

FYI: When I was a kid I named our jet black Wiener Dog, you guessed it, Pedro.

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