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Friday, October 31, 2008

2 box breaks coming tomorrow

No posts today as I have a party to go to. A box of 2006-07 Topps Basketball HTA Jumbo and a Hobby Box of 2007 Topps Football.

Thursday, October 30, 2008

2008 Bowman Baseball Sell sheet

2008 Bowman Baseball Sell Sheet
Topps really oversells these cards with their sell sheet. If the cards actually looked half this good, I would have been psyched. Save your money for Topps and Bowman Chrome.

Card pics

In case anyone is curious, I have gone to using photos of my own cards with a few exceptions. The hits are all mine, some of the base cards are not, but all of the cards in plastic sheets are mine.

2008 Bowman Baseball Retail Box Break Review

As promised, here is the 2008 Bowman Baseball Review. Once again, this box was around $20 or so. 24 packs/10 cards/2 chrome/1 gold/1 auto per box. No pricing on the pack. Probably $3. Well in 2008, Bowman has once again gone for the Black Borders of Doom.

The top half of the pack was useless. The base set is shit. All the cards showed white on the borders. The card stock is super thin.

The next two cards are regular bowman rookies and first cards, the next two are chrome rookies, and the last is a gold card. The good of these packs is that the first cards and chrome rookies are in good condition and look nice. I am not going to bother getting into the cards as there wasn't anything of note. A lot of Class A, AA people that have as much chance to play a season in the majors as I do.

I got one blue parallel 1:32, no orange 1:65, 1 chrome base refractor 1:88, no Xfractors 1:188, no blue refractors 1:350, no gold refractor 1:1040, no orange 1:2075, blah blah blah blah.

My one auto:
Whatever. He is a Group B which is 1:305. So pretty rare. Well, sometimes I crap green, that's rare, but nobody wants that either.

I have nothing good to say about these. If one of the rookies hits, that is great, Yay. If not, who cares. I wasted $20. If these were $5 a box I might buy 4-5 just to see if I get any of the rare cards. Its like a rocking chair, it gives you something to do but it doesn't get you anywhere.

2006-07 Bowman Draft Picks and Stars Retail Box Break

Return Of the Killer Bees, no not Bonilla and Bonds but 2 boxes of bowman. The first box up is a box of 2006-07 Bowman Draft Picks and Stars Retail. This box was $20 or so and part of the 3 I got the other day. 24 packs/5 cards $2.99/pack. So retail is $72 a box. These are so not worth the retail. I hesitate to say they are worth more than a buck a pack. i don't know why the $1 a pack number sticks in my head.

Anyway, you get 1 chrome card per pack. One relic card per box. The chrome cards are nice, but the base cards are flimsy, black bordered hot mess of a release. They have a "silver" more like grey bordered parallel set /379 seeded 1:9, Golds 1:68, superfractors 1:28000, xfractor 1:74 and so on and so forth with relics and autos.

I got most of the base rookies including one LaMarcus Aldridge:
I got 3 of the "silver" parallels:
As far as the chrome go I did well over all including Brandon Roy, Chris Paul, and Kobe:
I did get one Xfractor, Sam Cassel. In 2006 I would have been psyched with the relic card i got:

None of the cards were damaged all that bad, some had some tiny nicks in the borders but I wasnt too upset with it. If you can find a box cheap of these, you might want to pick one up just to fill in your collection. A couple boxes should get you a set and there are a few good rookies.

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Damaged Heroes Cards Update

My package was delivered to Upper Deck this morning. The waiting game begins.

2007 Upper Deck Football Retail Box Break

2007 Upper Deck Football retail box 24 packs/8 cards a pack. Retail is 2 or 3 bucks a pack, I paid $20 shipped with two other boxes.

First off, this box was a ton of fun to open because it was cheap. I thought that each box has a jersey or auto but turns out the odds are 1:288 and the autos are 1:2500. No matter, these cards are really nice with great action photography:


Card in and card out, the cards did not disappoint. Here is what I ended up getting:
I didn't get any great rookies except for Bowe. He had a pretty good season last year. He had 70 catches for 995 yards and 5 TD's. That is not too shabby. This year he has 40 catches for 512 yards and 2 Td's through 7 games. Nobody ever talks about him because he plays for KC I imagine. I did end up getting 5 rookies even though they are seeded 1:8
I got one predictor 1:64 of the Redskins and two College to Pros Emmitt Smith and Ben Roethlisberger 1:12.

I didn't get any damaged cards and the collation was really good. No doubles that I recall, and if I did get some I didn't really notice. I highly recommend picking up a couple boxes of these.

I did get one more card:
The aforementioned Bowe. I don't know what the hobby seeding is on the jerseys but the 1:288 makes this one of the only longshots I have ever gotten in a single box break.

2008 Donruss Gridiron Gear Box Break Second

I got my second box of 2008 Donruss Gridiron Gear. Still too many parallels but see for yourself.

Now for the pics:
First Jersey Ben Roethlisberger /250

Second Jersey Darren McFadden Jersey Auto /50

Third Jersey was a Patch James Hardy /50: The patches are super tiny. Maybe Donruss wanted to get the most mileage out of their jerseys.

The rest of the box:

Rookies were /999 and consisted ofa 2nd, 6th and 7th round picks but the Next Generation inserts were of decent drafts:
Rookies /999: Paul Hubbard, Patrick Lee, Jalen Parmele, and Alex Brink
Next Generation Steve Slaton /500 and Early Doucet /500
The Westbrook is /25 and the Curtis is /250


Anthony Gonzalez 20/250
Reggie Wayne 1/100, 128/250

Not a bad box, but a patch and a rookie auto jersey will do that. Still don't reccommend these yet. I will see what my next box brings.

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

That's Just Cold D

Cold blooded indeed:


2008 Donruss Threads Football Box Break Review

I picked up this box of 2008 Threads for 62.61 shipped. I was, once again, excited to open this box. The kool aid tastes good and makes me feel all warm and fuzzy. I have seen these boxes go for as high as $75 in the not too distant past. The boxes are 24 packs/5 cards $4.00 pack/$96 box. They promise 4 hits I think. At $96 these are entirely over priced.

Once again Donruss leads the way in useless inserts and way too many parallels. In addition, the rookie autos are pretty obscure. Here is what I got.

First the Jerseys:
Jonathan Stewart /220 Dual Tiny Squares
Brian Westbrook /250
As you can see, nothing special. Plain green jerseys. The only good thing is that I am in Duck territory so its nice to get one.

Rookies and Rookie autos:
Jermichael Finley - /999 S
Brad Cottam /250 Orange Parallel
Antoine Cason /999 Slight Damage
Mark Bradford Auto /999
Kalvin McRea Auto /999

Ok, both of my autos were "free agent" rookies. Really? Not even draft picks. Donruss, what is the point? Free Agent Rookies. Shit, I could be a fucking free agent rookie.
Base set: The Base set is nice. I like the design and colors. The base set is very high quality in my opinion. The base set is made up of 150 veterans and 150 "rookies". Donruss, please stop this. I would much rather get a name rookie or auto /1999 or /2999 then a free agent rookie or auto serialed out of anything. You are printing worthless cards that piss off your customers.

Inserts: The Gridiron Kings are surprisingly nice as well. Big insert set of Veterans, Rookies, and Retired. Not serial numbered per se, but there is a parallel set:
Steve Largent
Mark Gastineau
Colt Brennan
Wes Welker
Chevis Jackson /250
Parallels: So many parallels so little time. Not really sure what the point is. Different "refractor" level inserts. Gold, silver, Bronse, regular, star light, star bright, will you be my parallel star tonight?

Ben Roethlisberger /250
Deion Branch /100

More inserts: Century Legends: Roger Craig Generations: Witten/Novecek Century Stars: Perton Manning, Tory Holt

Parallels and Inserts Redux: There are something like 10 inserts and 4 parallels. That is way too many for a set like this. I'm not really sure what Donruss is trying to accomplish here besides making money. This product is crap for the price and the "hits"

Verdict: Don't waste your money on these boxes until they get to be $30 or $40 and even then you are stretching. Donruss has wowed people with the number of promised hits, but the hits I have gotten have been awful. Even though I like the Stewart, it is still a $4.00 card and he is having a decent rookie season. My auto are less than worthless.

I have a couple more boxes of Threads and Gear coming to see if they are any better. I implore you, however, to not let one big hit make you think that Gear or Threads is really good. I have yet to see anything that wows me. After watching the Baseball threads break I think Donruss has swung and missed with 08 products. Bad autos, weak jerseys, too many parallels, too many inserts and too high of a price. When Cases drop in price, and they will, I might pick one up to see how a break goes, but so far comparing Donruss products to the Hereos break I did, no contest. Hell even the two boxes of icons I opened (not counting the Mcfadden) were better than gear and threads. Not even close.

Once, Twice, Three, Four times a Lad.. Box Break

Four edge of your seat box breaks coming up:


Monday, October 27, 2008

Damaged Card replacement policies

My experience with my Upper Deck Heroes and all of the off center and damaged cards got me thinking about how cards are replaced. Upper Deck doesn't give a particular policy about how they replace cards over 40 but here is their page

The instructions say to list all of the cards. Its not perfectly clear whether you have to list them if you are not looking for a card for card replacement, but it could mean that. In my case, I was not going to do that. 180+ cards is a little ridiculous to expect such a thing. It may cost me replacement of the cards, but hopefully I will get the jersey cards replaced regardless. My view of UD's policy is that it isn't too bad.


Donruss' policy is rough. They do replace cards on a card for card basis. Again, probably not the most efficient way to go about things. Just toss people a couple of packs to the customer. The good news is they do not have a limit on the number of cards. Here is their Policy

Donruss requires: Before sending your damaged card(s) to us, you will need to submit a replacement request online. After submitting your request, you will be provided with a ticket number and packing slip. The packing slip will need to be printed and included with your card(s) when you mail them.


I have saved the worst for last. Topps is pretty terrible. I have no idea why this is other than people may have taken advantage of it in the past. Here is the Topps policy.

A maximum of 25 cards per request is permitted, and each grouping must be accompanied by the following four items: (1) a letter of explanation, (2) copy of receipt from the store in which you purchased the cards, (3) pack wrappers and (4) proof of purchase (UPC code found on the bottom of the box) sent to the following address.

Twenty five cards Max? I opened a box today that had twice that many and the box of 2007 Topps Football retail had more than that. Topps has made it not worth the time unless you have valuable cards to be replaced. Wouldn't it be easier to just send out a couple packs rather than go through and replace card for card in most cases? Bottom line is that the Topps policy sucks and shows a lack of customer service and care for their customers.

Even more hilarity from Topps: Any ineligible cards received (or any cards that Topps is unable to replace, for any reason) will be returned back to the Consumer.

Why would Topps send back damaged cards to their customers? Just save your postage man.

The bottom line is that it shouldn't be a hassel to get the damaged cards replaced. In addition, this is a huge customer service issue. With customers shelling out major cash for these products, Donruss, Topps, and Upper Deck should be bending over backwards to help their customers. Sure some people will take advantage of the program, but they could put more reasonable policies in place to remedy this problem. For example, I have no problem requiring UPC's from boxes and a letter explaining the issue but receipts are a bit much. I can also see limiting customers to 500 or so cards, but many of us buy a case at a time and if my Heroes numbers held up, somewhere around 3 boxes were miscut or machine damaged. That is clearly not acceptable. The companies already have cases of cards left over because of slack demand, they don't need to give customers less of a reason to buy their products.

I will keep you updated on how Upper Deck handles my situation.

2008 Upper Deck Heroes Damaged Cardapolooza

As some of you, my loyal 16 readers, may remember, a considerable number (130) of my Baseball heroes cards were very off center. In addition, 50 or so had damage to the tops (ed. Topps?) of the cards. Its like the machine pickup got stuck and shoved a divet into the top of the cards. Maybe it was trying to cut the hanging chads out of the UD X die cuts? Two of my jersey cards, Bo Jackson and Tim Hudsonm also had quality control issues. The Bo was off center and the Dark Blue windo had two white spots. It appears the machine that cut the windo didn't do it cleanly. Did I mention the Bo was /50? Needless to say I wasn't happy about this because I like Bo. The Tim Hudson had a crease the led from the jersey window. I dutifully put the jersey cards in sleeves and marked with sharpie on the sleeve what the problem was.

I decided I would send these cards back to Upper Deck at the address listed on their website for such returns. I counted the cards and wrote the following:

October 26, 2008

The Upper Deck Company,
ATTN: quality assurance dept.
985 Trade Drive Suite A
North Las Vegas, NV 89030

Re: 2008 Baseball Heroes Damaged Cards

Enclosed please find 180+ 2008 Upper Deck Heroes Baseball cards. I recently purchased Five Hobby Boxes (UPC’s enclosed). There are too many to list individually but, fifty or so of the cards appear to have been caught in a machine and damaged, one hundred thirty or so are very off center mainly left to right but some right to left, and two of the jersey cards had various flaws. The two Jersey cards are damaged as follows:

Bo Jackson /50 is very off center left to right and the window where the Jersey piece is located, shows damage to the window area. I have marked the damage on the plastic sleeve with a sharpie. I would like this card replaced with a similar Bo Jackson card.

Tim Hudson /200 has a crease that leads from the jersey window. I have marked the area on the sleeve the card is in. I do not care if the replacement card is a Tim Hudson jersey. A random jersey card will suffice.

My main issue is that this is a little over a full box of regular cards that were damaged even though the damage was spread over all five boxes. None of the boxes had any external damage and were factory sealed.

As a side note, one of the boxes was short an autograph. I understand the odds are “on average” but just thought you should know.

Please send replacements to:

Jeff Dover
Salem, OR 97304

Thank you for your attention

Jeff Dover
Email: jldoveror@yahoo.com

So I will see what happens. I didn't want to be presumptious and ask or tell them to send me a box or two of cards. I do know the will replace up to 40 cards if you want, but do they replace the others randomly or with packs?

Personally, as self serving as it sounds, I think they should send me a box or preferably two of these. Here is my reasoning. First, the number of cards damaged or way off center is equal to a little over a full box. I think you get 168 or a few less than that per box. Second, two of my hits were in unacceptable condition. Third, it cost me almost $7 to ship the cards plus the time.

Does anyone have an idea of what Upper Deck does in these situations?

Sunday, October 26, 2008

Indictment of a Product

Upper Deck X Baseball (20 x $4 Box $80 MSRP) and Upper Deck Masterpieces Baseball ($7 x 12 Box $84) have gotten a frosty reception indeed. There can be no greater indictment of a product then when it sells for half its MSRP consistently:

Check out the following link for X:


For Masterpieces:


Sunday Night Card Porn

Some Sunday night card porn:

Heroes Parallels:

2007 Bowman Chrome Football:

2008 Donruss Gridiron Gear
Kellen Davis /25
Alex Smith / 100
Adrian Peterson
Ali Highsmith /999
Peyton Hillis/999
Simeon Castille /999
Manning/Brady /250
Brian Westbrook /100
Adrian Peterson /500
Peyton Hillis again /100
Ahman Green /500

Looks like Donruss is getting their money's worth out of their serial numbering machines.

2007 Leaf Rookies and Stars Retail 3 Box Review

I had previously reviewed a box of 2007 Leaf Rookies and Stars Football Retail here. In the course of my ebaying I bought two more retail boxes. I paid a total of $60 shipped for the three and if I would have gotten them all together the total would have been $52 or so. I hadn't purchased any of these before so I took this to be a collecting opportunity.

There are 24 packs/5 cards in a retail box. The main difference between hobby and retail, other than the cost, is that you get 3 auto/memo cards per box hobby and 1 in retail. I think you get 1 /999 rookie in hobby as well. In retail they are randomly packed. The retail packs are $2 each $48 a box, whereas I think the price on the hobby is $5-7 each and 100 or so a box. On ebay however, the hobby boxes run 60-70 when they are released and 45-60 after a while.

So it takes about 3 retail boxes to equal the hit output of a hobby box except I dont think your chances of an auto are very good in the retail. The parallels run amuck in Leaf and Donruss, but Topps and Upper Deck are no better. So let's start out with what I got:

Standing Ovation Deuce McAllister /1000
Crusade Blue Braylon Edwards / 500
Crusade Orange Lorenzo Booker /1000
Foil Parallel Frank Gore /249
Spectrum Parallel Marvin Harison /25
Cross Training Blue Jason Hill /500
Cross Training Orange Calvin Johnson /1000

Thanksgiving insert 3x Jamarcus Russell, 3x Vince Young, 3x Brady Quinn, 2x Adrian Peterson, 2x Marshawn Lynch
Rookie 999/999 Alan Branch - Last one ONE OF ONE MOJO! Not really
Yellow Parallel /349: Larry Johnson, Jeremy Shockey, Vince Young, Antwan Barnes
Base set: Pretty sure I got a complete set x2. There are 100 cards or close to it. I never actually looked. A checklist cover sheet in the boxes would be nice. I have found I really like these. Anyway 3x Brett Favre, 4x Roethlisberger, 2x Cutler, 4x Brady, 4x Maroney, 3 x Vince Young, 2x Reggie Bush 3x Peyton Manning, 3x Lendale White. I know some of you might not consider these as noteworthy, but whatever.
Freshman Orientation Patrick Willis /55 Ball
Jamal Lewis and Larry Fitzgerald Jersey cards Not Numbered. I have raged against the machine about crap jerseys, but I am willing to give a pass here because it is a parallel to the set. It would actually be kind of cool to complete a parallel jersey set when it is a hundred cards. My problem is when the jersey "set" has no purpose what so ever. See Topps Season Highlights Jerseys. Again I am glad that Scott Spiezo got hot for 7 days and won player of the week in an otherwise crap season, but I don't need that being my "hit". Here they are:

So generally I am pretty happy with what I got. The one thing about these types of cards is that they become pretty bland. There isn't a lot of product differentiation between the leaf products year in and year out, but they are fun to open. In addition, I did get a lot of rookies and stars for slightly more than the price of what one of these retail boxes cost in the store. However, I think you are better off with a couple of boxes of Topps or bowman chrome provided you get them cheap enough

Saturday, October 25, 2008

2008 Donruss Gridiron Gear Box Break Redux

As I was cleaning up the aftermath of last night's box breaks, I came across the player checklist:

1-100 are veterans
101-200 are rookies
201-234 are rookie Gridiron Gems
Next Generation: 1-40
Rivals 1-10
Playbook 1-25
Plates and Patches 1-15
Player Timeline 1-25
Performers 1-50
NFL Gridiron Rookie Signatures 1-34
NFL Team Rookie Signatures 1-35
NFL Team Pro Gridiron Signatures 1-31

How long and how many cases would it take to come close to collecting 1/4 of these not counting the autos? The rookies are way sp'd when you consider there are 134 of them. With few exceptions, nobody outside of the first two rounds should be included. Frankly non-skill players should not be included outside the top 10 picks, that way QB's, RB's, and WR's could be included for the first 3 rounds. If you disagree on this, I'm sure your D'brick and your Mario Willams RC's are really burning up right now.

Also, as I have had time to peruse my "pulls" from last night, I have concluded that the auto of Jamaal Charles is the cheapest looking and feeling card ever. How did this card ever get past your focus group? Or did you have one?

One more thing. What's the difference between Threads and Gear or any of the other Leaf and Donruss products?

Donating Cards to Charity

Should we donate our base set cards and other cards to Children's Hospitals. They would probably enjoy this. Anyone know of programs that do this?

2008 Upper Deck Heroes Baseball 5 box break

Yesterday was a good mail day as I received 9 boxes of cards in the mail. Among them were the 5 boxes of Baseball Heroes. I paid no more than 45 for each box. I was pretty excited to open these as I had seen a few of the nice patch/auto cards. In addition you get 3 jersey cards per box with one auto per box on average. There are 24 packs per box/8 cards a pack.

Base Set: As many of you know, the base set is built around the concept of highlights, although some of the highlights are not highlights at all. For example, Nick Swisher has a card for his first HR as a White Sox player. Ok, and? Some are good highlights like Tony Gwynn's first batting title. The design is classis heroes with a marbalized finish. The base set also includes dual, triple and quad cards of players with different themes tying them together. After opening a few boxes these cards seem to run together. Who ever thought a Dimaggio would become second nature? Couple of Rookies of note Fukudome and Buckholz. It seems you get each card per box. I got 5 Fukudome's, 4 Buckholz, 5 Dice K's.

Parallels: Oh Upper Deck. Best I can tell Upper deck made parellels at /25, /49, /99, /149, /199, /249, /299, /399, /499. Red, Blue, Light Blue, Green, and various other colors. Good lord man. What is that about? Two parallels would be fine. For example /99 and /499 or /999. The problem is that it is impossible to complete one of these sets. Maybe UD is trying to promote "trading" to complete the parallel set. The parallels are of different colors. You get one per pack if there isnt a jersey, Auto, or the insert set that we dare not speak its name.

Here is what I got: 4 of the /25 Purple, 3 of the /49 Light Blue, 3 of the /99 Turquoise, 4 of the /149 Brown, 3 of the /199 Dark Blue including a Musiel and the AROD/JETER/Cano, 4 of the /249 Red, 4 of the /299 Darker Brown not sure if these are different than the lighter /299, 7 of the /299 light brown, 16 of the /399 Grey including Buckholz, 23 of the /499 Green or Emerald or whatever.

Jersey and Autos: The good stuff. Let's not kid ourselves. Isn't this what we really care about? Sure a low numbered parallel of a star is good, but the jerseys are great. Here is what I got:
There are a couple that I forgot about that didn't make it into the pics. The first box yielded no auto, but I did get a Tony Gwynn Jersey and a Robin Yount, so I was in somewhat of a forgiving mood on the first box. Here is the breakdown:

The Best First: Tony Gwynn Auto Jersey 5/10, Tony Gwynn Jersey Stripe 81/125, Tony Gwynn White Jersey 80/125, John Maine 4 Color Patch 18/25, Jacoby Ellsbury 3 color Patch 13/25, Robin Yount Grey 149/250, Arod/Jeter/Cano Triple 44/125, Jeff Francoeur Jerse Auto 14/25, Travis Haffner 29/200, Ian Kennedy Auto 14/55, Alex Gordon Grey 39/50, Randy Johnson Stripe 39/50, Carl Crawford 163/200, Bo Jackson 12/50, Gary Sheffield 20/25, Tim Hudson 15/200, Carlos Beltran 6/50. Not Pictured: Joe Blanton 18/50, Nick Swisher Auto 66/150.

I am pretty happy with the Jerseys and Autos overall. Two or Three complaints. First the Bo and the Hudson were damaged. The Bo is off center and the Jersey Window is chipped. The Hudson has a crease in the jersey window. That is unacceptable. I am going to send them in because I had other issues. Second complaint about the jersey autos is that some of them are lame. The Swisher auto for his first home run as a White Sox player? Tim Hudson, Joe Fucking Blanton?

I didn't forget the insert that we dare not speak its name. They don't warrant review.

Problems with the boxes: The collation was good, the cards weren't too damaged. There were a few that were creased and quite a few that have a notch in the card at the top. The major problem is that so many cards were very off center:
It was usually 85/15 or so left to right, but some were the other way. It was usually the top three cards of the pack. The Bo Jersey is about this off center as well. Anyway, I saved my UPC's and a couple wrappers. I think they will replace them, but it doesn't hurt to try. Am I out of line thinking they should replace these?

Overall I think these are a good value at the price I got them at. I don't know if 60+ is a good price because your chances of a big hit are small. I did get the Gwynn auto and Jerseys, Yount Jersey, Randy Johnson Jersey, as well as the Main and Ellsbury Patches.

I do have a suspicion that Upper Deck printed billions of these things though. Think about how many parallels there are. Muliply that by the number of cards in the set. Then how many you get in a box. How many boxes is that? Thats what I thought.

Friday, October 24, 2008

2007 Bowman Chrome Football Hobby

I have always been curious about these boxes. You get a box loader, a rookie per pack, refractors, and 1 auto per box. I paid 30 plus shipping. These retail for 60-80 when new?
24 Packs/4 Cards

Overall this box was fine. I got an Anthony Gonzales box loader /1079. Kind of an odd number. So the box was off to a decent start. He seems to be a developing nicely into a Wes Welker type player.

Base Set: I like the base set. The cards are solid physically and the production quality is good. No Complaints.

The rookies: I keep talking about Football and Basketball getting a pass on the rookies because they are a year by year, class by class group. Unlike baseball where the guys just move up and down the ladder on the minors. I may be changing my mind about this because it takes so many packs to get all the rookies for two reasons. First, one per pack. Second, there are so many damn rookies in this set that you can't get them all. Let's face it, there is no way most of these guys have a shot. At least they seem to hold their value because of the scarcity in comparison to the veterans. I did get a Lynch, a Russell, and a couple other decent rookies, no Quinn or Peterson however.

Auto: I got a Jeff Rowe, ok, who? It would be nice if they went to 2-3 per box, maybe add $10 to the price of the box.

Refractors: I got a few. Warrick Dunn Orange /25, and others of no real consequence.

Overall: The Chrome products are a good buy, not if you are paying retail though. Nice cards, good quality. I think Topps, Upper Deck, and Donruss forget that there are true collectors out there and that not everyone is geared to sell their cards on the secondary market. The secondary market is crap anyway. In order to make these more collector friendly, I would suggest 2 rookies per pack. One auto every six packs and charge maybe .75 more per pack then they are now for those improvements. I hate the fact that if I want to complete any type of set I have to buy 3-5-7 boxes, which I probably wont do unless I get a really good deal on them. Then I have to find all the missing cards on ebay. Refractors one per pack are a must, which I think they went to for 2008. However, this would blur the line between Chrome and Finest.

I wouldn't even mind seeing a Chrome Jumbo version. 10 cards per pack 3 rookies, 18 packs per box, 3 autos per box, 2 refractors, all for 5-7 bucks a pack. Or something to the effect.

2008 Donruss Gridiron Gear Box Break

Well the videos didn't turn out. I am not sure what was up with my capture software, but such is life.

2008 Gridiron Gear Hobby
18 packs/5 cards
3 jersey/auto per box
Rookies /999
More parallels than you can count

Frankly, I am disappointed with this box. These retail for a ton Around $80 on Ebay and 120 in shops. I paid 72 shipped and I just don't see the value. I will get a second chance as I have one or two more of these on the way.

I like the base cards. They have a foil finish and a mix between an action photo and a fake card type background.

Inserts: Donruss has included way too many inserts. There are billions of parallels, inserts, and what have you. It is impossible to complete any of these sets and that is a bad thing. How many people want 20 or so common inserts? Not many.

Jerseys/autos: I got two jerseys and one auto:

The auto is of Jamaal Charles. Who? 33/40. It has a cardboard field looking thing that is supposed to look like a stadium. Lame

The jerseys: Steve Young, red, single color. Two very small squares /100. Nice that I got Steve Young, but it doesn't do anything for me. Ted Ginn Jr. /50. Looks like a parallel of the regular card. Whatever.

Bottom line is that, at this point, I don't reccommend that you spend your money on these boxes. When they start going for 30-40 then pick up a couple just for fun. The companies want you to believe that the big hit is around the corner and at these price points, they should be.

Verdict: Buy singles for your collection
Advice to Donruss: Save the parallels and put more Patches in your product, even if they are, god forbid, event used rookies. At least collectors will appreciate them.