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Monday, October 20, 2008

1999 Topps Chrome Football Video Break

Yup, I have joined the nerdom. Sorry if the file is huge.

1999 Topps Chrome Football Box. I went a little old school for my first video break. This box was 35 with shipping. Little over a dollar a pack I have never opened a box of Football chrome before and I hope my future ones are like this. Simple cards, refractors, autos and jerseys I think.

The Set is 165 cards. Thirty of those are rookies. Good rookie class: Ricky Williams, Daunte Culpepper, Kevin Faulk, Jevon Dearse, Edgerrin james, Donovan McNabb, Tory Holt, Tim Couch OOOPPS!, Shaun King. Inserts include: Record Numbers good checklist on that, Season's Best, All Etch, and Hall of Fame. The Hall of Fame inserts have quite the checklist too, of people that wont even come close.

Refractors: 1:12 I got 4 total: Fred Taylor 2nd year, Jim Pyne, Antoine Winfield, and Drew Bledsoe 3000 Yard Club.

1:8 Draft Rookies of Note: McNabb Sweet!, Cade McNown, and Chris McAllister

Inserts: Doug Flutie Record Numbers, Faulk 1200 Yard Club, Culpepper Hall Hopefulls, Hugh Douglas Season's Best

Base set: Moon, Young, Shannon Sharpe, Elway, Elway Highlight, Aikman, Barry Sanders, Emmitt Smith, Peyton Manning, Marino, Rice, And Brett Favre. 84 out of 134 of the Base set, one double. The Elway was not a double as I first thought, one was the Season Highlight card.

This box was awesome. No mention of Autos or Jerseys on the pack, so I might have been wrong about that. I can see how the box would suck if you got all of the bad rookies, but with all the HOFers it is hard to go wrong and not try your luck.

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Anonymous said...

Whoa...did someone say old school box break? Nice....Pretty good box!