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Wednesday, October 15, 2008

2006-2007 SP Authentic Basketball Case Break

As promised to my 2 readers, or was it 5? Here are the results of my case break. I went looking for a mid level product with good insertion ratios for a relatively cheap price. After the Artifacts/SPX incident, I settled on 06/07 SP Authentic. There are some decent rookies available in this series especially if you a Pacific Northwester like myself. Namely Brandon Roy and Lamarcus Aldridge. I paid 550 for the case, shipped. The case consists of 12 boxes 24 packs. Each box averages 1 jersey and two autos.

The Base Set: The Base set is ok. It has the usual suspects with action photos. The background is white. When you open a case, you seem to get 20 or so of every player. There is a guy at work whose son is a big basketball fan. He will probably be the beneficiery of the base cards.

Gold Parallel /25: I got one of these in the case. Yao Ming 13/25. Not bad. Can't imagine what it takes to build a set of these bad boys. They are like the regular version with gold accents instead of silver.

Authentic Fabric Jersey Game Worn: Single color. These are going to be half of your jersey pulls. I received: Ben Wallace, Andrew Bogut, Vince Carter, Tayshaun Prince, and Tracy McGrady. These are not serial numbered, but somewhat attractive.

Rookie Exclusive Jersey "Event Worn: Standard Rookie Photo Shoot poses. I received Cedric Simmons, Saer Sene, Tyrus Thomas, Josh Boone, Dee Brown, and Renaldo Balkman. These are not serial numbered. These are a fine effort, but nothing spactacular.

Who? Autographs aka Chirography Autos: These are one third of the autos I received. Less than enthused about these, but what can you do? Non-serialed but on card at least. Damir Markota, Thabo Sefolosha, Ime Udoka, and Ryan Hollins.

Sign of the Times Auto: These are Serialed to 100 or less. The autos appear to be on card. I believe the come in single/dual/triple. Ben Gordon 8/75, Ryan Hollins 34/100, Kyle Lowry 12/100, Antawn Jamison 14/50. I did get one triple auto. These are stickered. Chauncey Billups/Rip Hamilton/Tayshaun Prince 9/10. Its kind of odd the Billups auto is in Silver and looks very out of place.

Rookie Exclusive Jersey Auto: These are stickered and serial. The cards are just like the Rookie Exclusive Jersey cards but with an auto. I got one, Tyrus Thomas 56/60.

Jersey Auto: Serialed and stickered. I got one JR Smith 12/50. Very average effort on these. Nothing special at all.

Rookies: I this set there are auto rookies and non-auto rookies. I got two non auto of Yakhouba Diawara 127/199 and Chris Quinn 142/199. I'll admit I do not know who either one of these guys are.

Auto Rookies: These are the auto serialed rookies. They range from /999 down to /299. These appear to be all on card. The high card numbers are the lower serial versions. Thabo Sefolosha 517/999. I have gotten this guy in every 06/07 product I have opened. Ronnie Brewer 14/999, Cedric Simmons 426/999, Craig Smith 173/999, Rodney Carney 74/999, Shawne Williams 328/999, Quincy Douby 458/999, Marcus Williams 871/999, Shannon Brown 81/999, Sergio Rodriguez 685/999, Steve Novak 241/999, Solomon Jones 289/999 and last and certainly not least LaMarcus Aldridge 50/299. I came up short on getting Brandon Roy, but am relatively happy with the Aldridge. I don't know what it is, but i don't get Morrison or Reddick auto's in anything. Well except for that sweet Topper Suit auto /50 of Morrison.

Rookie Authentics Patch Auto: The very first pack I opened had a thick ol patch. I was hoping every box would then have one, no. These are /30: Mine is a Ronnie Brewer 29/30 Blue, White and Silver. The patch is super small. The card below is mine.
Rookie Exclusive Patch /25: LaMarcus Aldridge 2/25. This a sweet card. It has two patches. Red/black/red/white, Bit of red/white/black/red/and a bit of black. On the back of the card are two black jersey pieces. I really like this card and am very happy it is Aldridge and not another no name rookie. The pic below is my card.
Apparently I am destined to collect Aldridge cards. I received his black refractor/regular refractor/ and auto refractor in the 06-07 finest half case.

Overall I am happy with this case. They always can be better but, I can't really complain though. As with most of my posts, these are not pics of my cards. No need to reinvent the wheel.

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