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Sunday, October 12, 2008

2007-08 Topps Hobby Basketball Box Break

The other day I bought a box of 2007-2008 Topps Basketball. I paid 19.99 plus 7 Shipping and Handling. Not bad. It was a hobby box of 36 packs, so at way less than a buck a pack it is certainly affordable.

Relic Card: 57-58 Tim Duncan Game Used. Any box where you get a future Hall of Famer Game Used card is a good one.
Gold cards /2007: Shane Battier, Morris Almond, Chris Wilcox, and Chris Paul

First Edition /119: Tracy Mcgrady. Nice action shot of Mcgrady getting past Kobe's defense. These cards are gold stamped instead of silver.

Own the Game Insert. Jason Kidd, Jason Kapono, and Kyle Korver. I have never been a fan of these. Same players, different insert set. I realize that companies like to have inserts and quite a few of us see the insert in the pack and get a bit excited, but these leave me a bit flat. I have thought this way about this insert set for quite a while.

Generation Now Insert: Okafor, Dwight Howard, Josh Howard, Ben Gordon, Kevin Martin, Josh Smith, Charlie Villaneuva, Adam Morrison, marcus Williams, brandon Roy, Andrea Iguodala, and LeBron James. These I am indifferent about. I like the idea. A set of younger stars or future stars. The design is ok and the players are generally good. One suggestion I would have for Topps is to serial number these cards. Even if it is to 2000, 3000, 4000, or 5000 for that matter. These cards are, without the serial number and perhaps even with, relegated to the same status as blank fillers.

1957-58 Parallel: Highlights, 2xKobe, Shaq, Yao, 2xDurant, 2xOden, Yi, Duncan, Dirk, LeBron, and a number of rookies. I do like these. Yes it is like trying to complete two sets with the same product, but these do not come off as a cheap insert, at least not to me. I am not sure if I like the grainy photos or if the annoy me. I guess what I like about them is that they seem like a real card with substance and not a cheap attempt at an insert no gold foil, no stamping, just the card. The only thing that would make these cooler is if they were on old school cardboard stock. 1992 Topps BB broke my heart when I opened my first pack to see that Donruss-Fleer-Score white stock. Plus you get one or two in a pack making it easier to get quite a few stars.

The Base Set: I am torn about the black borders from a collector standpoint. The cards are sharp, but much like 71 Topps BB and 85 Donruss, every slight defect shows up. I have to give the design a thumbs up because the cards do kind of pop. The collation was good, I got all the rookies, then some. From a collector's standpoint, that's what I want. In my 2007 Artifacts case, I got a bunch of Dwayne Jarrets and JaMarcus Russel but no base Petersons. In my SPX case, I got a bunch of Daniel Gibson autos and Joakim Noahs. I wasn't too happy about that. When I bought this box I was hoping for Durant, Oden (in the same pack) and a host of others and it delivered.

The rookies are mostly photo shoot poses, with the Yi being a draft photo. Some of the Action shots are excellent: Kobe, Duncan, Carmelo and Iverson.

If you are a collector, I strongly suggest you pick yourself up a box or two of these on ebay. They are pretty cheap and you will probably get most of the rookies, if not a few doubles that will make good trade bait. As I said, I paid for this box myself so Topps didn't influence my "review". No this isn't a shot at Mario. I think its great that he will be reviewing cards. How many of us as kids dreamed of such a thing? That's what I thought.


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Those are some pretty decent action shots. Thanks for sharing.

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