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Friday, October 24, 2008

2007 Bowman Chrome Football Hobby

I have always been curious about these boxes. You get a box loader, a rookie per pack, refractors, and 1 auto per box. I paid 30 plus shipping. These retail for 60-80 when new?
24 Packs/4 Cards

Overall this box was fine. I got an Anthony Gonzales box loader /1079. Kind of an odd number. So the box was off to a decent start. He seems to be a developing nicely into a Wes Welker type player.

Base Set: I like the base set. The cards are solid physically and the production quality is good. No Complaints.

The rookies: I keep talking about Football and Basketball getting a pass on the rookies because they are a year by year, class by class group. Unlike baseball where the guys just move up and down the ladder on the minors. I may be changing my mind about this because it takes so many packs to get all the rookies for two reasons. First, one per pack. Second, there are so many damn rookies in this set that you can't get them all. Let's face it, there is no way most of these guys have a shot. At least they seem to hold their value because of the scarcity in comparison to the veterans. I did get a Lynch, a Russell, and a couple other decent rookies, no Quinn or Peterson however.

Auto: I got a Jeff Rowe, ok, who? It would be nice if they went to 2-3 per box, maybe add $10 to the price of the box.

Refractors: I got a few. Warrick Dunn Orange /25, and others of no real consequence.

Overall: The Chrome products are a good buy, not if you are paying retail though. Nice cards, good quality. I think Topps, Upper Deck, and Donruss forget that there are true collectors out there and that not everyone is geared to sell their cards on the secondary market. The secondary market is crap anyway. In order to make these more collector friendly, I would suggest 2 rookies per pack. One auto every six packs and charge maybe .75 more per pack then they are now for those improvements. I hate the fact that if I want to complete any type of set I have to buy 3-5-7 boxes, which I probably wont do unless I get a really good deal on them. Then I have to find all the missing cards on ebay. Refractors one per pack are a must, which I think they went to for 2008. However, this would blur the line between Chrome and Finest.

I wouldn't even mind seeing a Chrome Jumbo version. 10 cards per pack 3 rookies, 18 packs per box, 3 autos per box, 2 refractors, all for 5-7 bucks a pack. Or something to the effect.

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