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Sunday, October 26, 2008

2007 Leaf Rookies and Stars Retail 3 Box Review

I had previously reviewed a box of 2007 Leaf Rookies and Stars Football Retail here. In the course of my ebaying I bought two more retail boxes. I paid a total of $60 shipped for the three and if I would have gotten them all together the total would have been $52 or so. I hadn't purchased any of these before so I took this to be a collecting opportunity.

There are 24 packs/5 cards in a retail box. The main difference between hobby and retail, other than the cost, is that you get 3 auto/memo cards per box hobby and 1 in retail. I think you get 1 /999 rookie in hobby as well. In retail they are randomly packed. The retail packs are $2 each $48 a box, whereas I think the price on the hobby is $5-7 each and 100 or so a box. On ebay however, the hobby boxes run 60-70 when they are released and 45-60 after a while.

So it takes about 3 retail boxes to equal the hit output of a hobby box except I dont think your chances of an auto are very good in the retail. The parallels run amuck in Leaf and Donruss, but Topps and Upper Deck are no better. So let's start out with what I got:

Standing Ovation Deuce McAllister /1000
Crusade Blue Braylon Edwards / 500
Crusade Orange Lorenzo Booker /1000
Foil Parallel Frank Gore /249
Spectrum Parallel Marvin Harison /25
Cross Training Blue Jason Hill /500
Cross Training Orange Calvin Johnson /1000

Thanksgiving insert 3x Jamarcus Russell, 3x Vince Young, 3x Brady Quinn, 2x Adrian Peterson, 2x Marshawn Lynch
Rookie 999/999 Alan Branch - Last one ONE OF ONE MOJO! Not really
Yellow Parallel /349: Larry Johnson, Jeremy Shockey, Vince Young, Antwan Barnes
Base set: Pretty sure I got a complete set x2. There are 100 cards or close to it. I never actually looked. A checklist cover sheet in the boxes would be nice. I have found I really like these. Anyway 3x Brett Favre, 4x Roethlisberger, 2x Cutler, 4x Brady, 4x Maroney, 3 x Vince Young, 2x Reggie Bush 3x Peyton Manning, 3x Lendale White. I know some of you might not consider these as noteworthy, but whatever.
Freshman Orientation Patrick Willis /55 Ball
Jamal Lewis and Larry Fitzgerald Jersey cards Not Numbered. I have raged against the machine about crap jerseys, but I am willing to give a pass here because it is a parallel to the set. It would actually be kind of cool to complete a parallel jersey set when it is a hundred cards. My problem is when the jersey "set" has no purpose what so ever. See Topps Season Highlights Jerseys. Again I am glad that Scott Spiezo got hot for 7 days and won player of the week in an otherwise crap season, but I don't need that being my "hit". Here they are:

So generally I am pretty happy with what I got. The one thing about these types of cards is that they become pretty bland. There isn't a lot of product differentiation between the leaf products year in and year out, but they are fun to open. In addition, I did get a lot of rookies and stars for slightly more than the price of what one of these retail boxes cost in the store. However, I think you are better off with a couple of boxes of Topps or bowman chrome provided you get them cheap enough

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