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Thursday, October 23, 2008

2007 Topps Football Retail Target Edition Box Break

First, TOPPS YOU SUCK! I am only posting this video for people that enjoy really bad boxes of cards:

I picked up this box of Topps Football Target Retail for 17 plus shipping. Well below retail price. Lets get real here. I get that many people don't buy retail, and this box is the reason. Here's the deal. These are 2 buck packs with a box running $48. I doubt I got $5-$10 worth of cards out of this. I could totally see someone posting these cards on ebay with an opening bid of $2 plus $3 shipping and not getting a bid or maybe one. I am surprised Topps can sell these in stores.

I got a couple of OK rookies like Lynch, Russell, and one or two others, but no inserts of consequence, no auto's(which I don't expect), no jerseys(I think we are to the point of putting a jersey in each box when MSRP is $48, there were 3 or 4 Favre Touchdowm cards, 4 or 5 LT Touchdown cards(all using the same damn picture), a couple own the game, a couple copper parallel, a couple own the game(I hate these too).

The black borders are cool if so many of the cards weren't so damaged. The white stock really show up and makes the cards look cheap. This also does not leave your customers happy. The 07-08 basketball box wasn't this bad.

The bottom line is: Topps, collectors are starting to hate you. Crappy autos in Co-Signers, short redemption periods, GIMMICKS GIMMICKS GIMMICKS, crappy collation. I know, many of you are saying "Then don't buy Retail". To that I say: "If retail is this crappy, they shouldn't bother selling it."

You should thank me for not making you watch the video in real time.

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