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Wednesday, October 29, 2008

2007 Upper Deck Football Retail Box Break

2007 Upper Deck Football retail box 24 packs/8 cards a pack. Retail is 2 or 3 bucks a pack, I paid $20 shipped with two other boxes.

First off, this box was a ton of fun to open because it was cheap. I thought that each box has a jersey or auto but turns out the odds are 1:288 and the autos are 1:2500. No matter, these cards are really nice with great action photography:


Card in and card out, the cards did not disappoint. Here is what I ended up getting:
I didn't get any great rookies except for Bowe. He had a pretty good season last year. He had 70 catches for 995 yards and 5 TD's. That is not too shabby. This year he has 40 catches for 512 yards and 2 Td's through 7 games. Nobody ever talks about him because he plays for KC I imagine. I did end up getting 5 rookies even though they are seeded 1:8
I got one predictor 1:64 of the Redskins and two College to Pros Emmitt Smith and Ben Roethlisberger 1:12.

I didn't get any damaged cards and the collation was really good. No doubles that I recall, and if I did get some I didn't really notice. I highly recommend picking up a couple boxes of these.

I did get one more card:
The aforementioned Bowe. I don't know what the hobby seeding is on the jerseys but the 1:288 makes this one of the only longshots I have ever gotten in a single box break.

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