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Saturday, October 25, 2008

2008 Donruss Gridiron Gear Box Break Redux

As I was cleaning up the aftermath of last night's box breaks, I came across the player checklist:

1-100 are veterans
101-200 are rookies
201-234 are rookie Gridiron Gems
Next Generation: 1-40
Rivals 1-10
Playbook 1-25
Plates and Patches 1-15
Player Timeline 1-25
Performers 1-50
NFL Gridiron Rookie Signatures 1-34
NFL Team Rookie Signatures 1-35
NFL Team Pro Gridiron Signatures 1-31

How long and how many cases would it take to come close to collecting 1/4 of these not counting the autos? The rookies are way sp'd when you consider there are 134 of them. With few exceptions, nobody outside of the first two rounds should be included. Frankly non-skill players should not be included outside the top 10 picks, that way QB's, RB's, and WR's could be included for the first 3 rounds. If you disagree on this, I'm sure your D'brick and your Mario Willams RC's are really burning up right now.

Also, as I have had time to peruse my "pulls" from last night, I have concluded that the auto of Jamaal Charles is the cheapest looking and feeling card ever. How did this card ever get past your focus group? Or did you have one?

One more thing. What's the difference between Threads and Gear or any of the other Leaf and Donruss products?

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