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Tuesday, October 28, 2008

2008 Donruss Threads Football Box Break Review

I picked up this box of 2008 Threads for 62.61 shipped. I was, once again, excited to open this box. The kool aid tastes good and makes me feel all warm and fuzzy. I have seen these boxes go for as high as $75 in the not too distant past. The boxes are 24 packs/5 cards $4.00 pack/$96 box. They promise 4 hits I think. At $96 these are entirely over priced.

Once again Donruss leads the way in useless inserts and way too many parallels. In addition, the rookie autos are pretty obscure. Here is what I got.

First the Jerseys:
Jonathan Stewart /220 Dual Tiny Squares
Brian Westbrook /250
As you can see, nothing special. Plain green jerseys. The only good thing is that I am in Duck territory so its nice to get one.

Rookies and Rookie autos:
Jermichael Finley - /999 S
Brad Cottam /250 Orange Parallel
Antoine Cason /999 Slight Damage
Mark Bradford Auto /999
Kalvin McRea Auto /999

Ok, both of my autos were "free agent" rookies. Really? Not even draft picks. Donruss, what is the point? Free Agent Rookies. Shit, I could be a fucking free agent rookie.
Base set: The Base set is nice. I like the design and colors. The base set is very high quality in my opinion. The base set is made up of 150 veterans and 150 "rookies". Donruss, please stop this. I would much rather get a name rookie or auto /1999 or /2999 then a free agent rookie or auto serialed out of anything. You are printing worthless cards that piss off your customers.

Inserts: The Gridiron Kings are surprisingly nice as well. Big insert set of Veterans, Rookies, and Retired. Not serial numbered per se, but there is a parallel set:
Steve Largent
Mark Gastineau
Colt Brennan
Wes Welker
Chevis Jackson /250
Parallels: So many parallels so little time. Not really sure what the point is. Different "refractor" level inserts. Gold, silver, Bronse, regular, star light, star bright, will you be my parallel star tonight?

Ben Roethlisberger /250
Deion Branch /100

More inserts: Century Legends: Roger Craig Generations: Witten/Novecek Century Stars: Perton Manning, Tory Holt

Parallels and Inserts Redux: There are something like 10 inserts and 4 parallels. That is way too many for a set like this. I'm not really sure what Donruss is trying to accomplish here besides making money. This product is crap for the price and the "hits"

Verdict: Don't waste your money on these boxes until they get to be $30 or $40 and even then you are stretching. Donruss has wowed people with the number of promised hits, but the hits I have gotten have been awful. Even though I like the Stewart, it is still a $4.00 card and he is having a decent rookie season. My auto are less than worthless.

I have a couple more boxes of Threads and Gear coming to see if they are any better. I implore you, however, to not let one big hit make you think that Gear or Threads is really good. I have yet to see anything that wows me. After watching the Baseball threads break I think Donruss has swung and missed with 08 products. Bad autos, weak jerseys, too many parallels, too many inserts and too high of a price. When Cases drop in price, and they will, I might pick one up to see how a break goes, but so far comparing Donruss products to the Hereos break I did, no contest. Hell even the two boxes of icons I opened (not counting the Mcfadden) were better than gear and threads. Not even close.

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