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Friday, October 10, 2008

2008 UD Heroes FB Retail

I know, I know, retail sucks, but I got this box real cheap. $14.49 plus 9.95 shippin and handlin. Anyway a dollar a pack.

So UD puts blanks in these boxes. You could go into a store and buy all the thick packs and get the Jersey card and call it a day.

First things first. The Jersey card was a Greg Jennings of the Packers. A small green slice of jersey. It seems that Upper Deck is using actual game used jerseys, which is nice. I agree with Gellman that this Event Used crap has got to go
I seem to have gotten all of the good rookies: McFadden, Mendenhall, Both former Ducks Dixon and Stewart, Jake Long, Mike Hart, Flacco, Henne, Sweed, and Manningham. I like Manningham in that I think he will become a big play receiver if given a chance. Same with Mendenhall

Couple decent other Cards: Peyton Manning and Adrian Peterson.

Overall I am very happy with the box with one very big exception. I got one serial numbered card 224/350 of Chad Henne. Not a bad card to get. Now the problem. The bottom right hand corner was smashed in. Ugh! The card was on the back of the pack, the box didn't seem to have any damage. I don't know what is worse, getting a lame serial card or getting a decent damaged one. Does Upper Deck replace these?

Anyway, I would reccommend Heroes highly even if I am never sure how to spell recommend. Don't hesitate to pick up a few of these retail boxes on ebay if you can get them cheap. Seems the retails go for 20 or so. Maybe you can pick up a lot of three, build a set, and get more of the GU's then you would in a Hobby. Of course you may not have a good shot at an auto or a redemption of some type. But if you like building sets and getting a nice bit of stars out of a series, retail might be for you.

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