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Saturday, October 25, 2008

2008 Upper Deck Heroes Baseball 5 box break

Yesterday was a good mail day as I received 9 boxes of cards in the mail. Among them were the 5 boxes of Baseball Heroes. I paid no more than 45 for each box. I was pretty excited to open these as I had seen a few of the nice patch/auto cards. In addition you get 3 jersey cards per box with one auto per box on average. There are 24 packs per box/8 cards a pack.

Base Set: As many of you know, the base set is built around the concept of highlights, although some of the highlights are not highlights at all. For example, Nick Swisher has a card for his first HR as a White Sox player. Ok, and? Some are good highlights like Tony Gwynn's first batting title. The design is classis heroes with a marbalized finish. The base set also includes dual, triple and quad cards of players with different themes tying them together. After opening a few boxes these cards seem to run together. Who ever thought a Dimaggio would become second nature? Couple of Rookies of note Fukudome and Buckholz. It seems you get each card per box. I got 5 Fukudome's, 4 Buckholz, 5 Dice K's.

Parallels: Oh Upper Deck. Best I can tell Upper deck made parellels at /25, /49, /99, /149, /199, /249, /299, /399, /499. Red, Blue, Light Blue, Green, and various other colors. Good lord man. What is that about? Two parallels would be fine. For example /99 and /499 or /999. The problem is that it is impossible to complete one of these sets. Maybe UD is trying to promote "trading" to complete the parallel set. The parallels are of different colors. You get one per pack if there isnt a jersey, Auto, or the insert set that we dare not speak its name.

Here is what I got: 4 of the /25 Purple, 3 of the /49 Light Blue, 3 of the /99 Turquoise, 4 of the /149 Brown, 3 of the /199 Dark Blue including a Musiel and the AROD/JETER/Cano, 4 of the /249 Red, 4 of the /299 Darker Brown not sure if these are different than the lighter /299, 7 of the /299 light brown, 16 of the /399 Grey including Buckholz, 23 of the /499 Green or Emerald or whatever.

Jersey and Autos: The good stuff. Let's not kid ourselves. Isn't this what we really care about? Sure a low numbered parallel of a star is good, but the jerseys are great. Here is what I got:
There are a couple that I forgot about that didn't make it into the pics. The first box yielded no auto, but I did get a Tony Gwynn Jersey and a Robin Yount, so I was in somewhat of a forgiving mood on the first box. Here is the breakdown:

The Best First: Tony Gwynn Auto Jersey 5/10, Tony Gwynn Jersey Stripe 81/125, Tony Gwynn White Jersey 80/125, John Maine 4 Color Patch 18/25, Jacoby Ellsbury 3 color Patch 13/25, Robin Yount Grey 149/250, Arod/Jeter/Cano Triple 44/125, Jeff Francoeur Jerse Auto 14/25, Travis Haffner 29/200, Ian Kennedy Auto 14/55, Alex Gordon Grey 39/50, Randy Johnson Stripe 39/50, Carl Crawford 163/200, Bo Jackson 12/50, Gary Sheffield 20/25, Tim Hudson 15/200, Carlos Beltran 6/50. Not Pictured: Joe Blanton 18/50, Nick Swisher Auto 66/150.

I am pretty happy with the Jerseys and Autos overall. Two or Three complaints. First the Bo and the Hudson were damaged. The Bo is off center and the Jersey Window is chipped. The Hudson has a crease in the jersey window. That is unacceptable. I am going to send them in because I had other issues. Second complaint about the jersey autos is that some of them are lame. The Swisher auto for his first home run as a White Sox player? Tim Hudson, Joe Fucking Blanton?

I didn't forget the insert that we dare not speak its name. They don't warrant review.

Problems with the boxes: The collation was good, the cards weren't too damaged. There were a few that were creased and quite a few that have a notch in the card at the top. The major problem is that so many cards were very off center:
It was usually 85/15 or so left to right, but some were the other way. It was usually the top three cards of the pack. The Bo Jersey is about this off center as well. Anyway, I saved my UPC's and a couple wrappers. I think they will replace them, but it doesn't hurt to try. Am I out of line thinking they should replace these?

Overall I think these are a good value at the price I got them at. I don't know if 60+ is a good price because your chances of a big hit are small. I did get the Gwynn auto and Jerseys, Yount Jersey, Randy Johnson Jersey, as well as the Main and Ellsbury Patches.

I do have a suspicion that Upper Deck printed billions of these things though. Think about how many parallels there are. Muliply that by the number of cards in the set. Then how many you get in a box. How many boxes is that? Thats what I thought.


Captain Canuck said...

any way a Braves fan could pry that Francouer jersey/auto away from you????

stusigpi said...

Sure, I thought someone might come knocking for that. Anyway, if you have some auto/jersey types I could be pursuaded. Do you have any heroes jersey autos? Or just jersey or patches?

Captain Canuck said...

sending you an email....