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Monday, October 27, 2008

2008 Upper Deck Heroes Damaged Cardapolooza

As some of you, my loyal 16 readers, may remember, a considerable number (130) of my Baseball heroes cards were very off center. In addition, 50 or so had damage to the tops (ed. Topps?) of the cards. Its like the machine pickup got stuck and shoved a divet into the top of the cards. Maybe it was trying to cut the hanging chads out of the UD X die cuts? Two of my jersey cards, Bo Jackson and Tim Hudsonm also had quality control issues. The Bo was off center and the Dark Blue windo had two white spots. It appears the machine that cut the windo didn't do it cleanly. Did I mention the Bo was /50? Needless to say I wasn't happy about this because I like Bo. The Tim Hudson had a crease the led from the jersey window. I dutifully put the jersey cards in sleeves and marked with sharpie on the sleeve what the problem was.

I decided I would send these cards back to Upper Deck at the address listed on their website for such returns. I counted the cards and wrote the following:

October 26, 2008

The Upper Deck Company,
ATTN: quality assurance dept.
985 Trade Drive Suite A
North Las Vegas, NV 89030

Re: 2008 Baseball Heroes Damaged Cards

Enclosed please find 180+ 2008 Upper Deck Heroes Baseball cards. I recently purchased Five Hobby Boxes (UPC’s enclosed). There are too many to list individually but, fifty or so of the cards appear to have been caught in a machine and damaged, one hundred thirty or so are very off center mainly left to right but some right to left, and two of the jersey cards had various flaws. The two Jersey cards are damaged as follows:

Bo Jackson /50 is very off center left to right and the window where the Jersey piece is located, shows damage to the window area. I have marked the damage on the plastic sleeve with a sharpie. I would like this card replaced with a similar Bo Jackson card.

Tim Hudson /200 has a crease that leads from the jersey window. I have marked the area on the sleeve the card is in. I do not care if the replacement card is a Tim Hudson jersey. A random jersey card will suffice.

My main issue is that this is a little over a full box of regular cards that were damaged even though the damage was spread over all five boxes. None of the boxes had any external damage and were factory sealed.

As a side note, one of the boxes was short an autograph. I understand the odds are “on average” but just thought you should know.

Please send replacements to:

Jeff Dover
Salem, OR 97304

Thank you for your attention

Jeff Dover
Email: jldoveror@yahoo.com

So I will see what happens. I didn't want to be presumptious and ask or tell them to send me a box or two of cards. I do know the will replace up to 40 cards if you want, but do they replace the others randomly or with packs?

Personally, as self serving as it sounds, I think they should send me a box or preferably two of these. Here is my reasoning. First, the number of cards damaged or way off center is equal to a little over a full box. I think you get 168 or a few less than that per box. Second, two of my hits were in unacceptable condition. Third, it cost me almost $7 to ship the cards plus the time.

Does anyone have an idea of what Upper Deck does in these situations?

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