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Thursday, October 2, 2008

Box/Case Value

I want to be clear that I am a collector. I have no interest in being one of those guys that buys 10 cases of whatever and sell the chase cards for .50 and the big hits for a ton. I have however become extremely curious as to whether you can actually make money doing this. Additionally, I am curious as to whether as a collector I should be opening boxes/cases or just buying singles.

I recognize that "value" and what you can get out of your cards are two different things. For example, my finest break last night was cool. Especially getting that Morrison Auto in my last topper pack. I mean, come on, the card books for $60 in the last tuff stuff I got back in February, there were none available on ebay last night nor could I find any in the completed auctions, and the odds are very very long on that card. I realize book value means crap on a lot of cards, but this card is truly tough to get becuase its not like its one of 10 relic cards in the set and it 1 of 10 /50. So even if I could get $50 out of the card, which I doubt, the value to me is high.

Value is also gained in the feeling of opening a box or a case. Yes it is fleeting, but its something that I think all of us collectors like doing. How many of us track the shipment up to our door and open it as soon as we possibly can?

As some of you know, I bought a Master box of 07-08 Finest Basketball for 34 plus shipping. I see these all the time on ebay for $80-120. It was the first finest box I had ever purchased. I had extremely high hopes and frankly I was dissapointed. If I would have paid 60+, which I wouldn't do, I would have been down right livid. Here is why: I got 3 crap auto's and the redemptions were all high numbered draft picks. I got an Oden, Durant, and a couple stars here and there. I felt like I got $15-$20 worth of cards max. Thus, the money I spent on the box would have gotten me the cards I got plus many many others. The excitement of opening the box was not worth $20.

Contrast that with the 2 boxes of Icons I got. Same good "deal" that I got on the above finest box. I paid $55 each for the Icons. The BIN price was messed up I think. Anyway, excluding the Mcfadden, I still liked the boxes. I got two Kurt Russel Letter redemptions, one of them was an auto version. I got two other rookie autos, a ton of serial numbered stars and star rookies.

The upshot is that, as mentioned in a previous post, I have purchased a 20 box case of 2007 Artifacts football for $760 and a 10 box case of 2007-08 Upper Deck SPX Basketball for $940 and as an experiment I am going to bust the cases and attempt to sell every last card on ebay. The SPX will be here Monday and the Artifacts will be here Tuesday even though I ordered the SPX a day after the Artifacts.

I will try and bust these by Thursday of next week and have the cards listed on ebay by Sunday the 12th.


Dear Topps

Please make your redemptions valid longer, your unopened wax will retain their value longer and your customers happier.


Joe Collector

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