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Tuesday, October 7, 2008

The case busts were a bust

After dropping $1700 on a case of 2007 UD Artifacts Football and 2007-08 UD SPX Basketball, I have come to a conclusion. I could have bought all those cards for just a couple or three hundred bucks. It is actually pretty awful and depressing.

Lowlights: 2007/08 SPX netted me a bunch of Hawes autos, Noah autos, and a bunch of useless other autos. Its not clear what my case hit is/was. No Durant, No Oden, no one of consequence, no redemptions, no logomen, blah. One cool thing did happen, in box 7 ever pack had two autos, or jerseys or combination there of.

More lowlights: 2007 Artifacts was slightly better. I got a Favre/Brady/Rothlesberger Patch /25 or something or other. The only "patch" was the Big Ben part, the other two were just single color. I got a Steve Smith Auto Rookie redemtion, an Andre Johnson Patch that has a tag a patch and a single color. The autos sucked, the jerseys are pedestrian. I did get an Adrian Peterson Parallel 24/25. I cant go on with this travesty.

The upshot is that I will not be listing the cards on ebay anytime soon because it may cost me more to list, ship, paypal fees etc.

Frankly, the SPX boxes were worth maybe $30-40 and the Artifacts $20-30.

I also opened a box a 2007-2008 topps Basketball. Much better than the SPX or the Artifacts. I got a bunch of Durant, Oden, and other rookies. Plus the box was only $20.

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