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Monday, October 27, 2008

Damaged Card replacement policies

My experience with my Upper Deck Heroes and all of the off center and damaged cards got me thinking about how cards are replaced. Upper Deck doesn't give a particular policy about how they replace cards over 40 but here is their page

The instructions say to list all of the cards. Its not perfectly clear whether you have to list them if you are not looking for a card for card replacement, but it could mean that. In my case, I was not going to do that. 180+ cards is a little ridiculous to expect such a thing. It may cost me replacement of the cards, but hopefully I will get the jersey cards replaced regardless. My view of UD's policy is that it isn't too bad.


Donruss' policy is rough. They do replace cards on a card for card basis. Again, probably not the most efficient way to go about things. Just toss people a couple of packs to the customer. The good news is they do not have a limit on the number of cards. Here is their Policy

Donruss requires: Before sending your damaged card(s) to us, you will need to submit a replacement request online. After submitting your request, you will be provided with a ticket number and packing slip. The packing slip will need to be printed and included with your card(s) when you mail them.


I have saved the worst for last. Topps is pretty terrible. I have no idea why this is other than people may have taken advantage of it in the past. Here is the Topps policy.

A maximum of 25 cards per request is permitted, and each grouping must be accompanied by the following four items: (1) a letter of explanation, (2) copy of receipt from the store in which you purchased the cards, (3) pack wrappers and (4) proof of purchase (UPC code found on the bottom of the box) sent to the following address.

Twenty five cards Max? I opened a box today that had twice that many and the box of 2007 Topps Football retail had more than that. Topps has made it not worth the time unless you have valuable cards to be replaced. Wouldn't it be easier to just send out a couple packs rather than go through and replace card for card in most cases? Bottom line is that the Topps policy sucks and shows a lack of customer service and care for their customers.

Even more hilarity from Topps: Any ineligible cards received (or any cards that Topps is unable to replace, for any reason) will be returned back to the Consumer.

Why would Topps send back damaged cards to their customers? Just save your postage man.

The bottom line is that it shouldn't be a hassel to get the damaged cards replaced. In addition, this is a huge customer service issue. With customers shelling out major cash for these products, Donruss, Topps, and Upper Deck should be bending over backwards to help their customers. Sure some people will take advantage of the program, but they could put more reasonable policies in place to remedy this problem. For example, I have no problem requiring UPC's from boxes and a letter explaining the issue but receipts are a bit much. I can also see limiting customers to 500 or so cards, but many of us buy a case at a time and if my Heroes numbers held up, somewhere around 3 boxes were miscut or machine damaged. That is clearly not acceptable. The companies already have cases of cards left over because of slack demand, they don't need to give customers less of a reason to buy their products.

I will keep you updated on how Upper Deck handles my situation.


Motherscratcher said...

This is good info. We just had a group break of 2 boxes of Donruss Threads on SCU and half of the first box was dinged up.

If I get some damaged cards I might try to replace them just to see what happens.

stusigpi said...

I watched those and was surprised with the damage. It was hard to tell what caused it. Maybe the policies are how they are is because people would just try to get free packs by damaging the cards themselves? I still think it's a customer service and happiness issue. Limiting an address to a certain amount of replacement would be good, but what if you got a case or two of threads that was all bent up? Card for card replacement? I would be super pissed and want some compensation. The one thing ibwill say about donruss is that at least they will replace serial cards.

That Mays jersey is sweet but I don't understand why holyhitter has to put his paws on the jersey piece. Someone commented on that after his last break to stop touching the cards so when I saw him do that to the Mays, I chuckled because he couldn't seem to help himself.

Flash said...

One of the numbered foil cards from my Donruss break looked like the foil was coming up from the bottom of the card. I've noticed really bad dinging on the corners of Upper Deck base cards in many of the packs I've bought.