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Friday, October 24, 2008

2008 Donruss Gridiron Gear Box Break

Well the videos didn't turn out. I am not sure what was up with my capture software, but such is life.

2008 Gridiron Gear Hobby
18 packs/5 cards
3 jersey/auto per box
Rookies /999
More parallels than you can count

Frankly, I am disappointed with this box. These retail for a ton Around $80 on Ebay and 120 in shops. I paid 72 shipped and I just don't see the value. I will get a second chance as I have one or two more of these on the way.

I like the base cards. They have a foil finish and a mix between an action photo and a fake card type background.

Inserts: Donruss has included way too many inserts. There are billions of parallels, inserts, and what have you. It is impossible to complete any of these sets and that is a bad thing. How many people want 20 or so common inserts? Not many.

Jerseys/autos: I got two jerseys and one auto:

The auto is of Jamaal Charles. Who? 33/40. It has a cardboard field looking thing that is supposed to look like a stadium. Lame

The jerseys: Steve Young, red, single color. Two very small squares /100. Nice that I got Steve Young, but it doesn't do anything for me. Ted Ginn Jr. /50. Looks like a parallel of the regular card. Whatever.

Bottom line is that, at this point, I don't reccommend that you spend your money on these boxes. When they start going for 30-40 then pick up a couple just for fun. The companies want you to believe that the big hit is around the corner and at these price points, they should be.

Verdict: Buy singles for your collection
Advice to Donruss: Save the parallels and put more Patches in your product, even if they are, god forbid, event used rookies. At least collectors will appreciate them.

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