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Friday, October 17, 2008

I want to believe

in Beckett. My first issue of Beckett was bought sometime in 1987-88. I still have every issue I bought. My friends and I used to live and die by that price guide. I realize I am late to the party. Many others have commented on this topic, but I have a specific example.

I was went by the local card shop today to get a shoebox, some pages, and a binder. The guy was curious how my case breaks had gone. During the course of the conversation he told me that the new beckett had listed UD Icons. According to Beckett, my die cut Mcfadden /25 books for $250. I own 1, and I have seen two others in the past on ebay with a buy it now of 199, one of them is currently listed with a BIN of 150. There is another currently with a BIN of 229. So the question from my insignificant blog is: Where does this $250 "value" come from?

Another example is the Jay Cutler Auto that I got from 2007 artifacts. Beckett lists it for $80. There are a few on ebay for: $30 no bids BIN $50, $4.99 no bids, $60 BIN, 85, 54.99, 60, 80, 129.99, 59.99. So again where does the "value" come from?

I am not trying to be flippant. Especially with the Mcfadden card since it is rare, are they basing this on one sale? I know this topic has been beaten to death, but Beckett, to my knowledge has never really answered this question.

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