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Saturday, October 11, 2008

Icons 2 Box Break Update

Looks like there will be no Icons for me. This morning I had an email:

hello , before you ask yes this was a real auction , and yes i have the boxes in hand , and yes i got a great deal on them , i put them on ebay to make some quick cash i was only getting about 20.00 a box which was ok for me , now the bad thing . paypal has decided to frezze all my money. do to there NEW HOLDING RULE all itmes are to be shipped out and if no disputes are filed with in 30 or more days ( when they decide )the money will get unfrozen !! yea right i do not due business this way. and i'm closing my paypal and ebay account. i will sell these on another auction site or at my local flee market . thanks for your bid and i will leave great feedback hope you can do the same . all funds will be refunded to you asap. thanks again.

First, I am not sure where this guy was able to get two cases of Icons for $40 a box. If anyone knows please send me an email. Second, how is selling them at another auction site going to make a difference? Third, can he really sell all of these at a flea market?

Anyway, I am not happy at all.


Matt said...

If he is closing his ebay and paypal accounts, why is he asking you to leave positive feedback?

This guy is pissed that his boxes sold for less than he expected and is trying to get out of it.

stusigpi said...

I am not sure what this guys deal is. I used the buy it now function. Maybe he realized that those boxes go for much more than $60.

The guy that bought the one box that I didn't buy left him all sorts of negative feedback and the seller left some silly responses.