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Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Pee in a Pool

Looks like my place in the world has gone up. My blog has officially been described as Pee in a Pool.

Sorry Gellman, you didn't invent the Joe Collector label.


Gellman said...

Umm, the blog is not pee in the pool, the term is like pee in the pool, once its in, it cant be taken out.

But, considering what the context is, if you want to name your blog that, Im not going to interject. Carry on.

stusigpi said...

Yeah, I got it. I was merely misquoting you in the spirit of the current political climate.

Dave said...

Yeah, Gellman actually did invent the label. Just like John McCain invented the Blackberry, except for it actually being true. In the spirit of the current political climate :)

Gellman said...

John McCain also invented the wheel