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Friday, October 3, 2008

Updated Update of Ebay Fail

Looks like our ebay selling friend might have averted disaster.

She says:

thanks, nice to know that someone wants to help, and another person knew how to steal the card!

and in another email:

again thanks for you advice, i contacted Topps customer service, they said "your not the first person this has happened to" they told me to mail the card ASAP and it would void the online person who used my code!
so again thanks.

To which I replied:

It does happen all the time. I had read a blog post about this and knew when I saw your auction that someone had redeemed it. Anyway hope you get your card.


Of course I was referring to Mario at Wax Heaven. I am glad that he posted his ordeal. It directly led to me contacting this seller.

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