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Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Updated Update on Threads Ebay Madness

I paid the invoice of 300 or so dollars. The guy keeps changing his buy it now price. Still cheap, but how the hell did he get so many boxes, nay cases?


Captain Canuck said...

ebay has contacted me and informed me that they have removed this particular seller and the items I purchased from ebay.
Paypal has immediately escalated my dispute to a claim, waiving the usual 7 day waiting period for the seller to respond.


I guess it's true what they say about being too good to be true.

stusigpi said...

Did you have to dispute it or did they do so automatically?

Captain Canuck said...

I had to go and file with Paypal directly... then they automatically escalated it.

stusigpi said...

Thanks, I just did mine. Hopefully we get our money back with no problem. I dont believe paypal allows the "seller" to withdraw money for a few days. Obviously it was a good deal if it was real, but I did get two boxes of UD Icons Hobby for 109 shipped last month and the seller came through.