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Friday, November 21, 2008

1999-2000 SPX Hockey Box Break Review

I loves me some Hockey cards. Even a box of 1991 Topps gets me going. In fact, I would have to say that I enjoy 80's Topps Hockey more than any other wax because they are relatively short printed, the set size is manageable, thus your chances of getting a star out of a pack is pretty good. Alas, I haven't opened any in a while. So I started hunting some hockey and came up with the exact opposite of 80's topps hockey, 1999 SPX. I paid 32.44 shipped

18 packs/4 cards/Pack Price at retail: A LOT

One of my rarest pulls was a Gretzky Silver Skates Redemption set. I bought one jumbo pack of 1992-93 UD Hockey and got the 1:720 pack hit. Yup, one pack and got the case hit. I didn't quite get there here, but close.

With each box you get a pack of 4 Gretzky cards:
Is it me or does the top right hand card look like a photo of Princess Diana? Hmmm. Anyway, this is a nice box loader type pack with a chance to get a Gretzky Jersey and autos. Ok, just for kicks and giggles, here is what the gretzky set has:
99 Regular cards
30 Timeline
8 O Canada
9 Hart of Gold - Hart Trophy Tribute
10 The Great ARTist - Art Ross Trophy
15 Teammates
15 The next ones
10 Lasting Impressions
2 set checklist
4 Gretzky Authentic Autos - 99 Kings, 99 blues, 50 Oilers, 25 Rangers
99 Gretzky Exclusive Gold parallel /99
99 Platinum 1/1's

So there are 198 regular cards, plus parallels and autos and such. Even the regular set at 198 cards would take 49-50 packs. Good luck with finding 50 boxes worth of these packs.

The base set 180 cards. These are nice cards. They are all refractor like, not quite as shiny, and have a ton of stars. I got a few doubles, but was happy with the collation:
The names are hard to read on the front so I used the back. There are Radiance and Spectrum Parallels numbered /100 and 1/1 respectively.

The inserts: Lots and lots of inserts. Nice cards and the pics are a sample of everything that is available. there are 6 inserts with ratios of 1:3 - 1:17 for the gretzky moments cards.
The inserts look better in person than they do in the photos.

The rookies are auto's and are /1999
Yes this card is auto'd. I swear, you just cant see it. Apparently UD didn't do much testing to see how the autos would stick to these cards. As someone that signs my name a bunch, sometimes as many as 15 times a day and in my previous job as many as 100-200 times a day, I know that signing these cards must have been frustrating as hell for the athletes. Look up 1999 SPX auto on ebay. Ok I did it for you. The similar football and basketball series has a ton of terrible autos. Anyway, I wish it was better, but I don't really care because I don't plan to sell it and it isn't a high dollar card that I am aware of.

Ok, I teased you with the hit, and I am very happy with it.
Jaromir Jagr Winning Materials GU Puck and Jersey. These are 1:252. That is every 14 boxes. That might be one per case. It isn't serialed, and I don't care. He is a Hofer and its rare, so there you go. The Jagr was in the first pack I opened.

The GU cards always surprise me when I am not expecting to get one. They really do, I am flipping through the cards and notice that one of the cards doesn't feel right when I get to it. Duh! I am a retard.

If I wouldn't have got the Jagr, the box would have been a huge bust. The auto rookies are crap, the base are good, the inserts are good, but not a whole lot of value here.

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