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Friday, November 21, 2008

1999 Bowman Chrome Football Box Break Review

Previously I had purchased a box of 1999 Topps Chrome. I had a ton of fun with that box and began looking for its Bowman Chrome counterpart. For under $30 I was able to get one. Lots of good rookies in 99 including McNabb, James, Holt, Culpepper and a ton of stars. I think there are "Locker Room" jersey and autos, but they are not listed on the wrapper. The odds are very long if they are included here.

There are 4 cards per pack, and unlike the Topps Chrome, rookies are 2 per pack instead of 3 or so a box. Of course there are refractors, interstate parallels, and interstate parallel Refractors /100.

The base are nice in my opinion, but I only got a couple veteran stars of note, Jerry Rice and a young Randy Moss.

I did get a couple good rookies:
I got the Culpepper base and the interstate parallel. I also got an Aaron Brooks RC. That card books for $12. haha. $.50 card maybe. Aaron Brooks PSA 10 I stand corrected. Silly me.
Two different inserts. Nothing exciting.

Refractors: Three refractors, nothing of note except I did get a Frank Sanders /100 interstate refractor.

Although it may not seem like it from my lackluster comments above, this box was much more fun than the other Chrome I have opened and I think I know why. Its because there is no expectation of autos or jerseys, just cards. I could have done better on the veteran base cards, but I got some good rookies and I am ok with that. I would recommend picking up a box of these if you can get it cheap just for the fun of it. I think guaranteed jerseys and autos set everyone's standards so high that a box can rarely live up to those expectations. This is more of a pure box break for the fun of it.

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