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Thursday, November 20, 2008

2005 Bowman Chrome Football Box

Got this box for around $30 with shipping. 1 auto per box, refractors, 5 cards per pack, blah blah blah.

The base
I like the base cards. The base are Bowman like, but just a bit different design than normal. I didn't get any base cards of note.

Refractors: These come mainly in Red and Blue. I got a number of red with 1 blue rookies, nothing exciting here.

Rookies: Marion Barber III and Rolle. Two good rookies. The rookies are one per pack
Don't forget The Nuge:

We come to the Rookie auto. Always exciting to find out which one you get:

Really looking forward to it



Fuck you Bowman. This was in my first pack. Note the card is poorly cut, much smaller than an actual card and best of all EXPIRED! I appreciate that Topps/Bowman made this card good for 2 years, but your packs don't carry much residual value if you put a bunch of redemptions in your packs that expire. I am not sure what percentage of the autos were redemptions in 05, but 1 is too many.

Overall this box was kinda worthless. I'm sure everyone has their reasons for buying these, but just buy singles. There are too many rookies to worry about getting a ton of the good ones. The autos are apparently redemption, at least a few, and the refractors are a dime a dozen.

A note on Chrome: I'm sure many of you are thinking that I should just stop buying them if I am never happy with the box, but I figured I would give a few different years a try and see if they grow on my. I get the attraction as the cards are high quality and the refractors are cool, but again, I just am not seeing the value here. I'm thinking the Chrome products are just better in multi box breaks. With the exception of somebody getting a really good pull on the luck of the draw, I have watched many video breaks of Chrome and haven't seen too many people excited about there boxes. Am I wrong? To keep this in perspective, there is no contest between Chrome and sets like Heroes. Chrome is substantially better on base, Refractors are better than the serialed parallels, but the goodies in Heroes, icons, Gear, and threads are just better for the same amount of money

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Captain Canuck said...

hmmm. Looks like I'll be skipping this one.
Thanks for the heads up. Tough break.