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Friday, November 7, 2008

2006-07 Topps Chrome Basketball Box Review

2006 seems to be my year of choice for basketball products. Prices are pretty reasonable and there are some good rookies to be had. I picked up this box for $33 shipped. It arrived yesterday with a big ol fat orange price tag on it that said $74.99. Ouch may man, Ouch!

Like other products, 06 Chrome features one auto per box. 24packs/4 cards. There are a myriad of different inserts. Refractors, black refractors, yellow, pink, purple, green, magenta, and bleen. Like the base counterpart, Chrome has rookie variations as well. The variations are 1:2. I forgot to save a pack to read the odds but I will do my best.

To the Stuff! So my auto was a Quincy Douby. The autos are all "Black Refractors" but are not serialed. I got a Luol Deng Black Refractor /99.

I did get one more Black Refractor. Its a Rookie Variation Tyrus Thomas /99. I believe these to be 1:720 for the rookie variation black refractors, plus I got the regular variation and the regular rookie:

I also got a Brandon Roy variation, Rajon Rondo reg, and a Farmar reg. No LaMarcus Aldridge. The string has come to an end. Maybe Tyrus is my new collection staple. I did get his rookie auto jersey out of the 06 UD SP Authentic case.

Kind of odd that there was no Morrison or Redick in this box. No big deal now, but in 06 that would have sucked.

Note the Chamberlain card. There are a few retired cards in here and they are fantastic. The photography is good and the chrome treatment really works. I got a Moses Malone and the refractor. I got six regular refractors, one being Chris Paul.

I have to say that its a tie between these and the base topps only because you get so much more "value" from a base box. It seems like it would take 3-4 boxes of these to satisfy my collector side. If I could pick these up for $25 a box I would have no problem with picking up a few. As much as I love Chrome in general, I just can't bring myself to buy these at even close to retail. I think they need to go to 3 autos or so per box. I have read that 09 base topps baseball is going to 3 relics/autos a box in the Jumbo Version while sticking to 1 in the regular boxes. Looks like Jumbo is going to be my 09 Choice in the football and basketball products.

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