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Thursday, November 20, 2008

2006 Donruss Elite Football Box Break Review

I guess sometimes I bid without having an idea of what boxes are going for and that is why I end up winning them. Anyway, that is how I wound up with this box of 2006 Donruss Elite Football. The box has Michael Vick on it and promises 2 GU or Autos. I’ll save you the suspense and tell you that I didn’t get any autos. I must say however, that if 2008 product is bit rich for your blood, you can pick these up for $30-$40 a box plus shipping.
The Base:
The base cards are typical Donruss fair. These cards are nothing special but are nice.
Again, the inserts are typical Donruss, but very nice. The inserts below are double sided with a veteran or retired player on one side and a new player on the other. The Ickey Woods has Rudi Johnson and the Duece McCallister/Ricky Williams is the card next to it. One is /500 and the other is /500
None of the other inserts are worth noting, but they are nice:
The Rookies are /599 and I got two along with a die cut /95. The /95 card is the quarterback of Linfield college. It’s a small school here in Oregon that had back to back National Championships a few years back.
The HITS!:
I get these aren’t high dollar cards, but I defy anyone to be disappointed. The very first pack I opened had:
Barry Sanders /249 the greatest running back of all time. Could you imagine what this guy could have done if he would have had an offensive line like say the Broncos?
Second Jersey:
Manning /399. Not once did I think who? when I got my jersey cards so, sweet.
Two quality hits are better than 3 crappy hits and one ok hit any day of the week. I highly recommend, based upon my experience with this box, your mileage may vary, you pick up a box of these if you can get them for around $30 or so.


Captain Canuck said...

was never a fan of the metallic spacey backgrounds... but looking at the pulls, you definitely can't complain.

stusigpi said...

I agree with you on the metallic spacey backgrounds generally, but these are some quality cards. The finish is really nice, they feel really solid and they do look good in person. The down side is that Donruss has been putting out the same set for a few years now. Compare these to the 07 and 08 sets. Same.