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Tuesday, November 11, 2008

2007-08 Topps Chrome Basketball Box Break Review

A couple days after I won the auction for the 06-07 Chrome box I won this one from the same seller. I paid $43 shipped for this box. The box had a sticker on it for $80. Once again, ouch. Not sure if this guy paid that much, or was trying to sell it for that in his shop.

These are once again 24 packs/4 cards not sure what retail is on these. You get 1 auto per box and of course multiple shiny. The Topps base set has black borders, where as the Chrome has silver. The backs are identical black borders. All of the regular refractors are /999. There are regular, orange, white, xfractors and superfractors. The odds are long indeed.

There are 1957-58 variations that are 1 per pack, unless you get a refractor. I like the variations, but at 4 cards per pack, a set is a few boxes off because of the variations and the one rookie per pack.

The refractors have a blue tint that really looks good with the silver borders. The variation refractors dont look quite as good as the regular set refractors. I got one orance refractor /199 1:24. I think I got 8 refractors overall. My auto was of DJ Strawberry:

There are some retired players in the set, I like this particular set, but how many larry bird cards do we need year after year. It is no longer new or different in any way. It was a decent gimmick at first, now it has become a played out staple.

The rookies are featured in their pro uniforms either in action shots or posed photos. Durant, Noah, Stuckey and others. The only way you can tell they are rookies is the back notes them as such.

Back to the variations. These are a fine parallel set and really add to the set overall:

Chrome is one of the best most consistent sets year in and year out but at this point with one auto per box and refractors being the insert, Chrome is becoming very over priced. Compared with Gear or Threads, both with nice base sets lots of inserts and multiple autos and jerseys per box, Chrome really isn't the top of the heap in value or quality anymore. Topps maybe needs to think about adjusting either the price or the content. Thus perceived value, in my eyes is slipping

Even the $43 shipped I paid seemed a bit much for what I got. Nothing really stood out to me. Again $20-25 seems about right for these boxes, as the rookies and autos can be bought for peanuts on ebay, thus the actual value is slipping as well.


Captain Canuck said...

maybe it's my bias, or my location... but is there a real market for basketball cards anymore? All that could be had for peanuts on ebay, like you said... isn't that the same for all basketball?
Or is the whole hobby that way and I'm just missing it?

stusigpi said...

To answer the question, there is a big market for basketball cards. I think that maybe its your location to a certain extent, but ebay is doing away with some of the geographic limitations. Many would say the same about Hockey Cards, but if you look at the auctions on ebay, there seems to be quite a demand.

Don't get me wrong, the junk hits are still almost worthless, but the whole hobby is like that. To illustrate check out the following auction number: 250319824799, heart be still Braves fans.

Glavine and Smoltz. Are you kidding me? Those were the hits out of a box, yet note the sale price. You can barely get a pack for that if you include the shipping. Other examples: 220305636763, 220305638852, 250319276587, 250319239490, 270297911672, 220299620776.

In all fairness, not everyone is interested in those cards, but those were some hits that if I would have gotten them out of a pack, I would have been happy. Those are all stars, or at the very least decent players that have more than regional appeal. Thus, my conclusion of "hot packs".

So yeah, the whole hobby is that way except for the major hits, but we buy packs for the set building and the fun of opening, but once you have opened a box or two at the most, what is the point of buying more.

Take for example the orange refractors out of the 07-08 Chrome box, buying packs to chase those is pretty stupid. The rookie autos are the same way, so what if you have to pay $7 each to get those on ebay, that's only a few packs worth of dollars and you are getting what you want.