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Thursday, November 27, 2008

2007-08 Topps Finest Basketball Box Break Review Two

I won two ebay auctions for 07-08 Finest Basketball, when the package arrived there was but a lonely box. I contacted the seller and he is sending out the second box. I paid $123 shipped for both. $61.50 a box.

1 Master box/3 miniboxes/18 packs/5 cards/1 auto and 1 redemption per mini box.

This is why I was confused about the redemptions in the baseball boxes. In Basketball you get one redemption and one auto per mini box. You get one refractor per pack and there are no "Finest Moments" inserts. Finest moments are kind of an annoyance in Finest Football.

The Base: The base are fine, but not noteworthy. The set is made up of retired players, veterans, and rookies. The rookies are two per pack and sometimes a third if that is your refractor:

Redemptions: As above the redemptions are 1 per mini box and are available in the rainbow of refractors:
12 - Jason Thompson - Green Refractor
15 - Robin Lopez
24 - Serge Ibaka - Blue Refractor

Not so impressive, but you never know. That brings me up to a two box total of:
9 Blue, 12 green. 15, 17, and 2x24 Black and Blue.

Autos: I have been a bit disappointed with the autos. I recognize the names, but only because I have other cards of them. No break out stars thus far.

Refractors: Black and GreenThe Acie Law IV is /99
Xfractor: /15

Overall, this box is not very impressive. In a lot of ways Basketball is a bigger black hole of players than Baseball, in that Basketball has 20-30 "starz" whereas Baseball has 3-4 per team that people recognize. In addition, there are very few impact rookies. I am going to hold my opinion of Finest Basketball until I open my third box, but at this point unless you can pick these up for $30-40, I would say pass.

You will have more fun opening boxes of 06-07 Finest Baskeball. You should be able to get these for around $30. Just remember that the redemptions are expired. In the alternative you can buy singles for quite a bit less and fill out your collection that way. Whatever you do, don't buy miniboxes unless the person has all three up for auction. Chances are they have pulled a good card out of the other miniboxes and are selling what's left over. One of these boxes is still better than 3 of chrome.

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