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Saturday, November 1, 2008

2007 Topps Football Hobby Box Break Review

If you read my review of the retail box break I did on these, you will know that I wasn't happy. Most of the cards were damaged in that the black borders showed a lot of white. I encountered the same problems with this box. I paid approximately $25 shipped for this.

This box was better overall. I am going to have to agree with almost everyone, that buying TOPPS retail is a damn waste of money. This Hobby Box was leaps and bounds better then the retail. Not all of the retail boxes from other manufacturers have been as bad as the Topps retails.

Let's get to it:

I got 72 rookies in this box, including all of the big ones. The packs were funny in that some had no rookies while the others had 4. Ok. Not really sure why Topps would collate these that way but they did. I am not against the black borders per se, but Topps just dropped the ball. Not sure why they show so much white, maybe the chipped when they were cut.

Jersey card: I got one. An Andre Johnson League Leader Game worn 1:172.
This card came out of the pack very mint. So I was happy about that.

Hobby Masters 1:9. I got 4. Steven Jackson, Michael Vick, Shaun Alexander and Larry Johnson. These cards are absolutly stunning. They really pop with a finest refractor type finish, however they arent as thick as finest cards. I really like them.

Own the Lame 1:9: Again I got 4. Marvin Harrison, Shawne Merriman, Torry Holt and Aaron Kampman. These are ok and are a better effort than topps usually puts forward. Not really sure what the point of these are, another insert I suppose.

Copper and Gold Parallel 1:7, 1:76.

I got five copper: Warrick Dunn, Jermaine Wiggins, Dunta Robinson, LenDale White, Shawne Merriman All Pro. /2007

1 Gold: Vince Young /52

I got the Manning Ring of Honor. yay?

The Hall of Fame Inserts are 1:12. Bruce Mathews, Thurman Thomas, and Charlie Sanders. These are ok, nothing special. The design is fine. They do serve a small purpose I suppose. The pic below is not mine.

Rookie Fantasy Challenge: Not sure what the seeding is. There are 20 in the set and they feature rookies. You can go online, enter the code and win "Valuable Prizes" These are actually good looking cards and fun for kids I suppose. I like them.

Generation now. These suck, I hate them 1:4 seeding, blah. I got 8. They feature young stars. Now a chrome version of these might be cool.

Brett Favre Unneccesary Collection: I feel the same way about these as I do the Bonds, Mantle, Arod Home run chase. Just what I want, a box full of the same card, save the TD number. They use the same pics over and over again. I got 6
Running Back Royalty 1:12: These cards feature LT with a great back of the past: Sanders, Smith and Payton. The pic of LT is in color, the great back of choice is in black and white. These could be cool, but the fronts look cheap. They remind me of the old TCMA sets, but with a glossy finish. They do have auto versions of these that would be Sweeeeett. 1:20000 for single 1:44000 for dual auto.

There you have it. These are for collectors only and you are better off buying singles of inserts and hits because they are really cheap on the secondary market. Topps dropped the ball on these black borders, and with their return policy, its not worth your time. They may find these cards to be acceptable, but I don't. I will say the photography is good. Alas too many useless inserts, make this a do not buy.

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