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Wednesday, November 5, 2008

2008 Donruss Gridiron Gear Box Break the Third

Today came my third box of Gridiron Gear. I suffered through some damage cards, but they were all commons. I think the box design allows the packs to move around in the box too much. Anyway, let's get right too to it:

The Hits: First was the Donny Avery /50. I am a Rams fan, although I enjoyed watching Kurt Warner put the beat down on them last week. Avery looks good this year. Its a larger piece, but not a patch. Second was the Felix Jones Auto/Jersey /50. Not Bad. Third, the Aikman dual small piece jersey 43/100. All in all pretty good cards.

The Rookies: No big deal. I got 5 including a parallel /100:

I am still unhappy about the damaged cards. At least with this box it wasn't all of my serialed cards. Given Donruss' replacement policy, it really isn't worth having the commons replaced. I sent off my cards for yesterday's box this morning. The postage was 2.34 total. Frankly the commons arent worth it. If I had a couple good cards to go along with it, I might include them.

If you buy a box of Donruss, expect damage cards. My box of Baseball threads should be here this week and of course I will let you know.


Captain Canuck said...

How 'bout dem COWBOYS?!?!?!!!!

*sigh* hopefully if Romo comes back, maybe the receivers can actually get a ball or two...... maybe...

stusigpi said...

Never been a cowboys fan, but I do like Aikman. I would be psyched to get an auto/jersey or patch of Aikman just to have in my collection.

houstoncollector said...

See, if you weren't an Avery fan, I'd love to trade for it. ;)