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Thursday, November 6, 2008

2008 Donruss Threads Baseball Box

I know I know, for bitching about Donruss I sure do buy a lot of their cards. Frankly, other than Chrome and Finest, they are easily the most compelling box breaks for the money. I finally got my box of Donruss threads, and I can't say enough good about these.

I do have one complaint. The lack of jersey cards with unknown Rookie autos in their place. I have to say the base cards are fantastic. Much better than the Heroes base set. Of course their are all those unknown "rookies" but Rose, Banks, Etc. more than make up for it.

Duffy /499 the others are /999

Got this Yogi framed /100. I really like it.

The Murphy Jersey /350. Couldn't stand this guy when he played because he was good and always did the Dodgers in while playing in the NL West. The picture on this card is horrible though. The Rollins /250.

Three Diamond Kings: Ryno, Banks, and Alderson /25 (not Pictured). Don't forget about the Hank.

Let me see what else did I get. There was one card...

Can't seem to remember...

What was it???

There is a pic around here somewhere....

Some Catcher guy

Think it was an auto: That's right, some Fisk guy that used to play for the Red Sox /50

I was pretty happy with the box. The rookies have slight dings on the corners, but they aren't major like that Threads Football box I opened. Not many damaged cards. There are some major hits to be had in these boxes. If these ever get to be $40, you should buy as many as you can because that Shoeless, Rose or whoever is right around the corner.


Sports Card Blog said...

Solid Box!

stusigpi said...

The Murphy, Yogi and Fisk really made me happy with it. I still want a Rose patch or a Winfield auto.

White Sox Cards said...

OMG!! Fantastic Fisk card!!!!