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Wednesday, November 26, 2008

2008 Leaf Limited Football Box Break Review

I take back all the bad things I have said about Donruss Products. Ok, not all. First the Free Agent rookies have gotta go. Unless you make their autos 1 per pack and they are treated as a base card, I don't want them. They funk up my box. Second, still a bit of dinged corned badness. Not something I should see in a high end product.

16 packs/5 cards/$10 pack (ouch) Actually paid: $81.06 shipped. $5.00 a pack.

The Base: Again typical Donruss product. 100 base veterans/100 Legends/Retired/100 Rookies. Anybody that says they are buying any of these for the base is a liar. Then again I have never heard anyone say that.

Inserts: Plenty of inserts, plenty of parallels, All of them numbered to various:

Rookies: Damn useless rookies /999, /49. Does it matter which is which? I didn't think so:

THE MAIN EVENT: Ok, hits, that's all I want, that's all most people want. I don't mind building sets, but I can do it for a lot less than $80 a box.

The First Hit:
Prime Jumbo /10. Hardy is a decent prospect. Hasn't done that much this year, but he has been in the games and there is a lot of receiving talent in Buffalo. Look for him to do a bit more next year.

The Second Hit: Redemption. My first Donruss redemption.
316 is Harry Douglas of the Falcons. Again, he shows promise. He has been an active player and so we will see what happens. No idea what these are numbered out of. Check that, just redeemed it and it is /99.
Description from Donruss:
Material Phenoms RC (34)
Featuring an autograph and a prime swatch of an event-worn jersey. Serial #'d to 99 or less.

The Third Hit: You are going to have to wait till the end.

The Fourth Hit: Dual Game Used /100
I don't mind this card because it isn't one of my big hits. This card would be so so if it was my one of two hits in a box, but they can't all be great.

Back to the Third Hit: Some of you might not care about this card, but I do. Even a regular auto would have been cool. I get that whether you get one of the /999, /499 /49, if they have all three, it is essentially the same card with a different number on it:
It bugs me that it is a sticker auto. But I can't argue with the number:

Needless to say this box was a smash. Basically I got 2-3 boxes of Gear or Threads in this box as far as quality of hits. Even if Hardy or Douglas aren't great in your opinion, they are still good quality hits. At this point, I would have to recommend Leaf Limited over all of the other products. I think your chances of a crappy box are much less. This might be a product that I buy 4-5 boxes. I know that not all of them will yield a 1/1 auto, but if the other hits are an indication of what a regular box has, I am ok with that.


Captain Canuck said...

sweeeet hits! A nice box.... lucky, but nice.

stusigpi said...

Totally lucky.