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Wednesday, November 5, 2008

2008 Stadium Club Baseball

No, I did not get a box, nor will I unless I can pick some up for $75-125. Because retail is $300, that isn't going to happen. Looks like $200 is going to be the auction price for these on ebay.

Over at the Beckett Blog they opened a box or two. Well one is posted. I'm not going to copy their story and paste it on my site, but I will comment on it.

These puppies run $25 a pack/12 packs per box. They did get 13 autos, two relics and a printing plate or some combination thereof. They even got a sweet Aramis Ramirez Triple threads type card (Ebay BIN $35 and $45, an Evan Longoria auto (Ebay BIN $50) and an Ichiro Stadium Wall /50 (BIN $25 /428 version not sure if the /50 would carry that much of a premium). Sure they got other cards, but nothing else that matters. Are those cards worth even $100? Those BIN prices are not being taken by buyers that I can see. Maybe Longoria would cost some cash if he keeps on keepin on, but his "rookie" autos are becoming more and more plentiful. Lest us not forget that his 2006 auto rookie is out there.

Beckett promises that their second box was sweet and will be in the magazine I think. But can we trust their breaks? Maybe, maybe not. Regardless, if I bought two boxes and got one like this I would be pissed. I suppose that you could look at these boxes as being a case worth of hits and inserts for $200, but the market will probably not see it that way. Look at Triple threads. Most of those cards go $25-75. The easier something is to get the less value it has. Heck, Topps /50 jersey and auto out of their base that have 1:150000 odds don't really do that well.

Cards now have the Chocolate Syndrome. Say you have to eat 8 oz. of vegetables and you get one tiny piece of chocolate. That chocolate is going kick major ass. This 2008 Stadium club is like not having to eat the vegetables, but you get 2 lbs of that cheap $1.50 per pound chocolate with one or two small pieces of good chocolate, but you have to pay for and eat it all. Sure its chocolate, but its not very good and the more you eat the sicker you get. Topps base is set up so you have to eat 10 lbs. of brussel sprouts to get one bite size milky way (which I like).

These food analogies doing anything for you? Look at the list of cards they got and think if they have: First, ebay value close to what the box costs. Second, any value to you as a collector.


Flash said...

The food analogy works for me. I wouldn't be caught dead buying the hobby box. I think there's gonna be a retail version because Target had a sign advertising it. I would assume it's more base cards and small time inserts (no autos) so it'll be 19.99 blaster box cheap. But that super expensive hobby box where you're guaranteed to get CRAP almost every single time (unless your name is Beckett I suppose), keep it.

stusigpi said...

There has to be a happy medium. Personally, I think they should sell retail without hits for as cheap as possible for set builders.

Makes me wonder how much the hits actually ad to the cost of the box.