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Thursday, November 6, 2008

28 1/2 cases of 1975 Topps Baseball Mini's

Check out this post over at Infield Dirt by T.S. O'Connel here. Let me say first that I would love to have one of these and I might see what I can do. I would rather bust one of these then a few cases of exquisite. 26 cases of wax and 2 1/2 cello. Of course it is possible that these will go for way more than they are actually worth. I realize that is an oxymoron because something is worth what someone will pay. If someone pays 10k for a case, then it is "worth" 10k. 16 boxes, $1000 a box if not more because people tend to overpay at these types of auctions. Its just not worth it.

Vintage wax on the other hand is so overvalued that I still don't know why people buy it other then to open it and have fun but I assume that it is some weird perverse thought that they will get the card. It does happen, but your odds are very low. As I said, it does happen, when I was a kid there was this chain of shops in my area called The Winner's Circle. They had Topps packs from 78-83. In 88 I was paying 7 bucks a pack for 81 Topps trying to get a Kirk Gibson. I bought two packs or so and got one. Nice! Except the Gibson was an $8 card. In addition, you don't know if the one you get, should you get the card you want, will be mint. I guess that's part of the reason my buddy and I would buy packs. He bought 78 Topps packs and got a Murray and a Molitor/Trammel Rookie. He must have spent $100 plus with no guarantee. The problem is that, if you could find either of those cards at a local shop, they wanted high Beckett and they didn't cut you a break on those. Also, those cards at the card shop were usually exmt. The ones he got out of the pack were NM. In some ways packs made sense.

Now in the world of Ebay, these cards are no longer hard to find in great condition. For example, there are 15 Brett Minis on Ebay right now. You can pick up a PSA 8 for 120 BIN (I use PSA 8 as a standard), meaning you can watch the auctions and probably get one a bit cheaper. The PSA 8 Yount is available for $100 Looks like Boxes of Minis are available for $1500 BIN. I have seen them go for $1300 in an auction. What the hell? Those prices just don't add up for me. Sure you could get a 10 and it could go for a fortune, but you might as well buy 1300 in powerball tickets.

The article seems more like an ad for the auction house than anything else. Only surviving cases out there? Hardly. There are many dealers out there or no longer out there like Larry Fritsch and Kit Young, that are rumoured to have so much of this stuff it is ridiculous. They hoarded this stuff because you could get it for nothing at the time. I read a story about Kit Young where he bought 40 cases of 72 Topps football High Number for $5 a case. You read that right.

Don't be surprised if, as many of these mega dealers from the 60's, 70's and 80's pass away, that cases or truck loads of this stuff is found. Topps was the only game in town and they made a lot of these cards.

Not only did this guy have this many unopened cases, think about how many he probably opened. This is a great find, but we need to stop kidding ourselves that this stuff is rare. Boxes are available anytime on Ebay. That doesn't say "rare" too me. I would say the same thing, god forbid, that many cards of the 50's and 60's aren't rare either. There are 15 psa 52 Mantles on ebay right now. Rare my ass. I'd still love to have one though.

Dealers have been very smart though. This stuff trickles out onto the market and supports the price and doesn't pull the rug out from under it. This 28 1/2 cases might be too much to bare.