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Sunday, November 2, 2008

Are 2008 Donruss Gridiron Gear Box prices collapsing?

I just picked one up on ebay for 52 plus shipping. Here are the prices I have paid:

Gridiron Gear Retail $108
11-2 52.05 plus 9.95 shipping
10-26 54 plus 9.95
10-22 65 plus 9.95

Donruss Threads Football Retail $96
10-29 51 plus 8.95 shipping
10-24 57 plus 5.60

Donruss Threads Baseball - Retail $96
10-29 59 plus 9.95

With the Gear, that is a decidely downward pricing trend. Did people finally figure out that most of the promised hits are crap? As much as I enjoy free agent rookie autos, no thanks. I bid on many of these at the same time, not expecting to win them. So I am destined to open at least this many boxes. I might even get 5-6 more.

Don't get me wrong, there are some great patches and such in these boxes so I might end up buying cases, cheap, to get them. I know, its about the base cards too, which I like. I really do like the Donruss base cards. But, basecards arent worth the paper they are printed on, let alone $100 a box. Why they put base in some of the super high end, I don't know. "Say put down that quad patch Young, Manning, Favre, and Brady /5 and hand me that /250 Marc Bulger base card." I didn't think so. Maybe if they put more than 1 or 2 in a box/pack of super high end, it might be kind of interesting to put together a set.


Name: Max said...

Just wondering. Why do you purchase all of your boxes from ebay, instead of an online retailer?

stusigpi said...

I have ordered cases from Dave and adams. How much do online retailers charge?:

Dave and Adams is at 75 for gear, threads are at 68 and 75 for BB threads.

Blowout is at: 76.99 for gear, dont seem to have FB Threads by the box, and 77 for Baseball threads.

Atlanta: 71.75 for FB Gear, 63.47 for Threads FB, and 75.99 for BB Threads and its $10 for shipping

So that's why, I think I did better on ebay, plus I have a shot to get super cheap boxes. It happens, and if I don't get one cheap one I will get the next.

Does that answer your questions. Plus on older stuff 01-07, there is usually no contest between Ebay and online retailers.


Sports Card Blog said...

Thanks for the quick response! If you could look at my blog and give me some pointers it would be greatly appreciated, I just started yesterday!