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Saturday, November 22, 2008

Auto's, Auto's, everywhere an auto.

There are quite a few sellers that I buy stuff from regularly that are Whales, mega-busters, what have you. It is not uncommon for them to have a mid level rookie auto such as Dwayne Bowe, in all the flavors: /999 /499 /199 /99 for example.

My question is say there was an auto parallel /499 and /199, same player, same everything except one is a silver tint and the other is gold. You haven't seen a price guide for years, what is your bid difference, if any, assuming you want both cards? I have seen price guides that show the multiplier to be 2x for the silver and 4x for the gold for example. My own personal experience has been that for the mid level rookies, if the silver books for 10 and the gold for 20. The actual difference in selling price is a buck or two. I am not picking on price guides. I'm just curious whether anyone sees a value difference that they are actually ready to spend there own cash on?


Anonymous said...

I'm generally content to have one version, so I'll usually just avoid the very low numbered version and not factor any price difference in on the others.

stusigpi said...

Its like those Donruss parallels that are /1000 /800 /500 /250 /100 /50 and /25.

Without looking at the numbering I can't tell the difference. I know they do it to fill out there hit ratios, but it becomes quite annoying.