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Saturday, November 8, 2008

Check out these Auctions

Such nice stuff, so way too much. I seem to recall talking about warehouses with a ton of this type of stuff in it. Take this auction for example. Answer me this. What exactly does one expect to get out of these boxes that can possibly justify spending that much?

If you are inclined to buy this just go buy 5 Elways and 5 Marinos or this
and then take the wife or husband to dinner with the money you have left over.

Sweet Auctions

Of course if someone is willing to pay it, then it is worth that much.

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dayf said...

A lot of times with really old wax, the packs themselves are worth much more than the cards since they are so rare. This particular '75 cello auction also looks like the dealer had a few boxes, and cherry picked all the ones with stars on top to make one megabox. Like you said, if someone wants to pay that's how much it's worth.