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Sunday, November 2, 2008

Complaining about "Cheap" wax

After going back through some reviews that I have done, I began thinking that maybe I was being unfair. Quite a few of the boxes that I have opened have been very inexpensive overall. Most with shipping come in at a little over a dollar a pack, or quite a bit under. 2006-07 bowman basketball, 2008 bowman baseball, 2007 Topps Football retail and hobby. I have also opened boxes that were not cheap 07-08 SPX basketball. I paid 94 a box, god knows what the retail on those is.

Then I concluded that no, I was not expecting too much or being unfair. The 2008 Bowman baseball and 2006 Bowman Basketball. These retail for $3 a pack or $72 a box. That is a lot of money. I don't think this qualifies as cheap wax or a "throw away" product. I got quite a few packs that might qualify as awesomely bad. In fact, that was the norm in those products not the exception. You could easily reach into the box, grab six of those, and come out with absolutely nothing. A twenty spot completely wasted.

Yet I have the same harsh words for some of the mid to higher end product. Those Donruss Gear and Threads boxes are just as bad, if not worse. I see them in Hobby shops (Feel free to let me know if your shop is different) at $8 a pack. Say there are 18 packs, 3 hits a box. You buy 6 packs at $7 a pack = $42. Anybody that has opened one of the Donruss boxes knows that you will easily go 6 packs without a hit. Plus god knows if the shop has searched them or not. At the shop I go to, they keep refilling the same display box. I don't like that at all. Anyway, say you get a hit. A Heath Miller jersey card /250.

I realize this is the chance you take, but $42 down the drain? In that scenario you have netted yourself a $1.00 jersey card, if you can sell it for that. Does it matter if you actually got that jersey and a free agent rookie auto? Ok another $3 card out of the same 6 packs?

Thats how the hobby works right now. Good lord look at Masterpieces baseball, Artifacts, Upper Deck X?

Most of us are paying much less for a box of cards or per pack. Example, Threads Football runs around 60-73 shipped on Ebay for a 24 pack box $2.50-$3 a pack. Even then, do you feel you are getting your moneys worth?

Yes I feel I am harsh on these products and that some of them are in the base set area, but they don't have a base set price even though you can get them pretty cheaply on ebay. The point is that these are $70-$120 boxes of cards and the manufacturers are selling them as such but I have trouble finding the value in a lot of these at 1/3 the price. There are some exceptions. The 2007 Upper Deck Football retail was good. Good cards, but I would have never paid retail for those. Same with the 2006-07 Topps Basketball Jumbo HTA Box. Great box of cards, but what did those retail at? $60-80 a box. No Way.

As far as what Topps, Upper Deck and Donruss can do about it I don't know. They have to make money, but to do so they have to keep the collectors happy, if collectors aren't buying, then shops don't buy. Target and Walmart cut back there orders and you end up with cases and cases of product everywhere. Unless of course they pay $3 per blaster and don't mind blowing them out at half price.

Maybe Topps and Upper Deck should make fewer products. Entry, Base, Mid, and High. Then take all those sweet autos, jerseys and patches and add them to your four products instead of diluting them across 15 products.

For Topps Football: Kick off, Base, CHROME, and Sterling
Upper Deck: Base, Authentic, SPX, and Exquisite

Now you have Bowman, BowChro, Bow sterling, Topps, Chrome, Stadium club, Progression, Topps Sterling, Triple threads and a whole host of others.

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