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Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Donruss Damaged Card Replacement

I have packaged up all of my serialed donruss cards. After starting the process, it is apparent that it is not feasible to worry about base cards that are damaged. That is too bad, and Donruss really needs to fix this program, or maybe that is just how they want it. You also have to include a receipt? I guess I will print off a copy of my paypal receipts

The instructions weren't very clear, so I wound up doing two packages. What a pain. I included two of the rookies from my previous box that had problems with the foil at the bottom. Anyway, I will keep you updated on what happens. Frankly, it would be cheaper for Donruss to send me a couple of boxes then try to re serial number replacement cards, but I digress. Again, i will get the same thing out of a box, and its less work for them. I would gain a few jersey cards, but who knows if I would end up with the same thing?

I would reiterate that there was no damage to the box themselves. There does seem to be ample room for the packs to flail around inside, so maybe thats what the issue is. The damage is somewhat consistent with what was experienced in the Donruss threads Baseball break on Sports Cards Uncensored a week or two ago.

Turns out my damaged auto rookie was a double. How the heck does that happen? Guess we will see.

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