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Sunday, November 2, 2008

Foiling Pack Searchers and helping the Hobby - A Solution?

I have been working on what is sure to be a contraversial post on pack searching, no I didn't engage in any myself. I got to thinking how can the industry fight back in a cost effective way. If you are like me, you have hundreds of those blanks that come in packs and they have been yielded very ineffective by seasoned pack searchers.

Here is my attempt to fix the problem and help out buyers:

Manufacturers should include a toploader in every pack. In some packs, they will have an auto or a jersey and it will already come in the loader. If not, the pack buyer gets a toploader that they can use. What about thickness you ask? Every toploader can be a thick loader 120, 100, or 75 with all sizes randomly inserted so there is no way to find the thick patch card, other than to buy every one you can find with a 120 loader in it. These toploaders cost, at retail, .16 each up to .25 cents for 130 pt. I'm sure Topps, Upper Deck and Donruss can get them for little of nothing, plus its a nice bonus to the buyer. Whether you use them or not, you can sell them on ebay or give them away.

They were able to wrap huge holders for the Topps Retired Autos in packs, same with box loaders, so I am sure they can do this. They could also put a topps, upper deck or donruss seal on the end to keep people from hitting the pack really hard to see if the hit will come out and then they can feel it. Or they can put a blank in every toploader.

Cost: Back to the cost issue. With many of these packs running $3-6 at retail, an extra .16 and it wouldn't cost that much, per pack, it is feasible. Plus each buyer is getting something of value for their extra .25, .15, .10. 05 they would have to charge per pack. In addition, no more damaged hits. No more worn edges, soft corners, no more barbarian collectors that thrash their cards like there is no tomorrow, and then selling them on ebay as "mint".

Any thoughts?


Sports Card Blog said...

Great Idea! But, I doubt this will ever be implement, seeing as companies will find it as something else they have to deal with. I don't think they give much of a care who gets the card. The decoy card is just a half-ass attempt to show they're "trying".

stusigpi said...

I doubt it too, but I for one would love to get a toploader with every pack. Plus nothing worse than getting a sweet patch, jersey or auto and its got a ding or edge wear.

dayf said...

If there's something to be searched the searchers will find it. The only solution is to quit putting hits in retail packs and they'll never do that because they are driving the hobby right now. God forbid they produce jigh quality collectible sets for a decent price instead of the 4 cards for 3 bucks with a 1:288 shot at some Mojo scam they've been running all decade.

stusigpi said...

Some retail stuff is going to one hit per box, maybe hoping to drive more full box sales. But as the auto I got in my 2008 Bowman shows, it was not hit at all.

The casual collector will always drive the market. I imagine they sell more base topps at walmart and Target than they do in all the hobby shops and ebay combined.

I wonder what the profit is versus Upper Deck X Blasters and Hobby boxes, down to every last card and pack?