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Friday, November 21, 2008

For just one cent, you too can save a card

Ok, bad ebay shipping has gone to epic proportions. I got these from the same seller and they were shipped together. Drink in the cards a bit:

That is an equisite Pittman quad jersey /75, a Pittman patch /25, a Chansi Stuckey auto, and a Jarret /849
Bowe Sterling Rookie, Quinn /999 rookie

As pictured they have been safely placed in penny sleeves and after the photo all but one has been put into toploaders. I need to get some 120pt toploaders from BCW. The 130pt that Ultra Pro sells are too big and I am out anyway.

As shipped, no penny sleeves for any of the cards. They were stuffed into two snap cases. The bastard charged me $7.75 for shipping and the top right hand corner of the Stuckey auto is all bent. Although looking at the auction it appears the corner may have been like that already. Although note the auction says: "Items are straight from the case and are MT/NMT !"

Again, a 130 pt toploader and a penny sleeve are $.51, the 100 pt and 75pt are .$16. What the hell are you charging me the $1.00 per additional card for? Dick.

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