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Friday, November 28, 2008

Given 'em away


This is open to everyone. The 'Stros are taken, but the Royals are yours.


for the list.

The reason i am doing this is because I have far too many cards that many of the readers will appreciate far more than I.

As for why I am doing this? I have been down this road before, I had 200,000-300,000 cards at one time and did nothing but drag them around on every move and finally got sick of it. I kept all my stars and a few random cards, but as you can tell from the box breaks that I do, I end up with a bunch of cards that I know people will enjoy.


Ben said...

heeey... if it's not too late, put me down for some good ol' fashionied Expos... I miss the Expos.

stusigpi said...

The Expos are yours. Please email your address to me. Do you want the nationals too? I sorted them together.

Laurens said...

Do you have any Angels cards if not too late?

stusigpi said...

Angels, check. Just need your address, please email it to me.

Aron said...

are the Chi Bulls taken?

AdamE said...

Please send some Red Sox my way

gritz76 said...

I'll be more than happy to scoop up the Cubbies if you got them.

AdamE said...

Since Red Sox are taken how about any boxing cards?

Anonymous said...

Hey Joe - where you going with that (young) gun in your hand ?

Do you have any hockey ? If that should fail, please send any wayword Yankees my way.

Happy holidays !