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Sunday, November 2, 2008

New? Idea for a sweet jersey/patch card - PayDirt

Maybe this has already been done, but a "PayDirt" subset. It would be QB's RB's WR's, essentially people that score touchdowns, but here is the deal.

The patches would be from actual Game used jerseys and only pieces with blood, mud, or something else could make the set. I think it would be fucking sweet to get a patch from Ricky Williams or somebody like him with a big ol swatch of Miami mud on it.

There could be a defensive set titles "Defensive Stand" with Urlacher, Zach Thomas, Ray Lewis, and defensive line cards from all the line, LB tandems and the Corner and Safety guys. But outside of the Big Defensive STARS, the cards would all have to be multi player

You open a pack right? You see there is a thick ass card in there, and it is Brady, Maroney, and Moss. On the back it is /20-25. The back also tells you the date of the game.

I'd be psyched. Maybe in the pack with it is a 3 card set with each player and a pic from the game along with the patch card. So the whole pack would be a game themed pack?????


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