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Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Things that piss me off about ebay. Shipping charges and methods of shipping.

Shipping charges:

There are a few things about shipping charges that get me.

First is the $3.50 or above for single card. A penny sleeve a toploader $.16, a bubble mailer $.69, postage $1.29 = $2.14 plus $1.00 for handling is $3.14. That's being generous on those amounts as well. I get that people try to make up the money they lose selling their worthless hits for $1 but damn, that's just bad business.

Second, people that don't combine shipping. Not combining shipping just means that you are an ass that is trying to rip people off and are mad that your shitty hit that you paid $5 a pack for just sold for another dollar.

Third, people that don't put a limit on shipping. So $3.00 for the first, $1.00 additional with no limit. So you buy a ton of cards from someone and they just rack up the shipping charges. I admit that overall you are better off buying in bulk from people like this because at least you aren't paying $3.50 per card to ship if bought separately, but this is just greedy as well. Most of these people just use a flat rate priority box and rake in the cash doing this.

Shipping Method: Frankly I don't care if someone puts a card in a plain envelope with a toploader, if their shipping is cheap, but when they charge $4.00 and do it, that just sucks.

Snap Cases and multi card cases: Nothing like getting your cards and all the corners are fucked up. Thanks asshole, I really wanted my corners all rounded or crushed in because you don't know how to ship or you are too lazy to use the correct case. I got an 07 UD Game Used All Star 3 clr patch /50 that I paid $6 for and $4.00 shipping. The ass hat put it in a snap case that the card bounced around in for its2500 mile journey. The corners were nice and rounded when I got it. When I complained, the guy said that he gets compliments on his shipping. I get that this was a thick ass card, but you are a card shop, put the damn thing in a penny sleeve at least then in the snap case.

Toploaders without penny sleeves. Penny sleeves are cheap and they protect the card from sliding around. But then I hear people bitch: "the cards are too thick and I screw up the corners when I put it in" Ok, be more careful when you do it, or for christ sake, cut a slit in the crease of one side and then the card doesnt get hung up when you put it in. I figured this out on my own after 3 seconds and I hadn't been dealing with jersey or thick cards at all.

No penny sleeves. See above. Even if the cards are shipped in a box, they tumble around. You aren't shipping commons you jerk.

No protection at all. Believe it or not, I have gotten cards that are just put in an envelope with no protection at all. The shithead charged me $3 for 2 cards, .39 stamp .05 envelope and nothing else. Bastard.

What leads me to this rant? Check it out:

40 cards, $42 in shipping charges because the guy combines but charges $3 for the first and $1 each with no limit. Then he puts the cards in a huge case with no penny sleeves except the top card and the bottom of the case. Good news, there was about 1/2" of space for the cards to slide up and down. Then there is 1/8" for the cards to bang around side to side. Whoever invented this case and whoever manufacturers them should kill themselves. You are better off putting your cards in a shoebox than putting them in these hard plastic things cardboard < Hard plastic jackass. The corners took a bit of a beating, but some of them were /99, /50, /25. I realize condition isnt as important with low / cards, but I buy these for my collection, not to resell. He has to know they get all screwed up. In fact a 75 count card box has got to be cheaper than this piece of shit plastic box, the cards would have gotten here in way better condition.

Could this guy not put these in penny sleeves? He has tons of auctions going at the same time, but that is no excuse.


night owl said...

Well-timed rant. I was just thinking of the lack-of-penny-sleeves dweebs.

Motherscratcher said...

I get penny sleeves at a place 5 min. from my house. I think they come in packs of 100 for about 40 cents. $8 gets you 2,000. There is absolutely NO excuse to ship anything without a penny sleeve.